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Adele Calls Out Burberry For Not Making Plus-Size Clothes [Report]

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Adele is a gorgeous and immensely talented singer, one who is also, like many women nowadays, not an off-the-rack “missy” size — and the star, who now has the cheddar to purchase all the high-fashion goods she liked, is said to have been approached by the brand Burberry to model.

Vogue UK has a story about Adele, Burberry, and the brand’s lack of options for women over size 12. According to the fashion mag, Adele has been a Burberry fan from even before she was famous — squirreling away her money when she was an unknown just to own a Burberry bag she bought herself. The magazine quotes the singer as having said in the past:

“I’ve met Christopher Bailey a few times … I’ve always loved Burberry. I remember saving for three years to get my first bag before I got signed.”

It’s an awful conundrum for larger ladies like Adele and me (because we are totes the same!) who like nice things but aren’t standard rack sizes. You know what’s nice and what’s a good deal, but you’re relegated to the Cacique boutique when you want a fancy bra or panty set, and the selection is limited.

Top brands like Chanel and Burberry are only options for purses or watches, too, because in the past, designers like Karl Lagerfeld (a former fatty himself, no less, and one who has called Adele fat on the record in the past) have expressed disinterest in their precious designs even appearing on the frames of bigger women. Ugh.

But according to Vogue UK, Adele was approached by the line and she responded by asking if they can consider collaborating on a line for curvy broads. Which has not been confirmed as a happenstance by either Adele or Burberry:

“BURBERRY has declined to comment on rumours that Adele could be collaborating with Christopher Bailey on a plus-size clothing collection. According to reports this morning, the Vogue cover girl was personally approached by creative director Bailey to become an ambassador for the British fashion house, and asked to work with him on a “bespoke” range for voluptous customers.”

If true, Adele gets even more props for using her star power to advocate for plus-size women everywhere. Would you save up for an Adele-collaborated piece from Burberry, and are you frustrated by lack of sizing options in fashion brands?

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3 Responses to “Adele Calls Out Burberry For Not Making Plus-Size Clothes [Report]”

  1. Jessica Icey Wynne

    That should be a encouragement to get fit. You want to wear the brand, start making some changes to your lifestyle

  2. Beth Horne-Bowling

    Some of us don't have the option of being thin. I used to be, but I have some very serious medical problems that have made me gain a great amount of weight, and while I miss being able to shop in the 'regular' sizes as I once did, I have plenty of options for beautiful clothes that flatter my larger size and make me feel as beautiful as I look. If I want to buy a particular brand, I can always buy their accessories or shoes, I don't need to feel bad about myself because I'm not a size 6. I've been thin, fat, and everything in-between and I've always been the same person on the inside! And I've always been very fashionable! LOL, from what I've seen some of the so-called 'perfect sized' women wear, they look like they haven't a clue what looks good and what doesn't! It's not the size, it's more about taste! Oh, and beautiful jewelry always fits! HAHAHA

  3. Germeen Rihan

    I have been a big framed athletic girl all my life and I don't think that I need to change who I am to wear a brand Jessica! I sent an email to the CEO last year with the same complaint as Adele and nobody bothered reply! I think it is not fair as the billions of people in the world don't all stop at a size 12!

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