David Attenborough Narrates Pokemon GO And It Changes Everything

Ever Thought You’d Hear Sir David Attenborough Narrating ‘Pokemon GO’? Now You Can!

How many people thought they would hear TV documentary legend Sir David Attenborough linked to hot mobile game Pokemon GO? Very few people, more than likely, but now it is a real thing. This is all thanks to Dave Thorpe and Lovin Dublin.

Normally when you hear Sir Attenborough’s voice, it is linked to the wild lions of Africa or the protective polar bears of the North Pole. Now, voice-over clips from his many documentary programs have been taken and placed over the game footage from Pokemon GO. Fans are simply loving it.

The 82-second video takes a player through some of the 145 different Pokemon available to catch in the game, of which only one person has caught them all, according to I-D Vice. He talks in detail about the Zubats and Charmanders, all while using footage that he actually filmed from the BBC nature programs over the years.

At one point, he explains how single hunters wouldn’t be able to take some of the creatures down because they don’t have the strength to manage it. Pokemon do have peaceful lives, he explains, and fighting is only used at times to settle problems.

During the video footage, fans can watch as one player catches a bat after two failed attempts. Attenborough comes over with the statement “that is one bat that will not return to the roost tonight.”

Not everyone has been a fan of Pokemon GO, and it is currently unclear just what Sir Attenborough thinks about the game and this new video. However, many have to admit that this is just one entertaining use of footage. It shows just what technology can now do: mixing the worlds of nature documentaries and video gaming together.

There have been controversial reports regarding the new Pokemon game, which now has children and adults around the world playing. One of those is safety, as the game requires access to numerous accounts connected to the Google account to play it. People want to know why the tech giant needs access to so much when really only the Maps is required.

Other concerns surround the use of cell phones while on the move. There have been reports of people walking off cliffs and stepping into roads without looking because their eyes are so focused on catching all the Pokemon in the game. Some people worry about safety against thieves and attackers while out in the streets searching for all the creatures.

That being said, there are benefits to the game. One of those is that children are finally getting outside. They’re not spending their whole summer sitting behind a computer playing video games. Many are socializing with friends as they attempt to catch them all. It seems that children and parents can both get their own ways.

The video made with Attenborough’s voice-over was created on July 14, and shared on Lovin Dublin’s Facebook page. At the point of writing this, it has amassed more than 3.8 million views and been shared almost 26,000 times. The video on the page also has more than 21,000 comments and likes.

After hearing Attenborough’s documentary of it, many people are tempted to download Pokemon GO to see what all the hype is. Others have joked about how he has caught up with the times. Some have just commented how soothing his voice is over the exotic world of Pokemon. Even those who have never watched one of his nature programs have expressed their delight.

Have you heard Sir David Attenborough narrate the wild world of Pokemon GO? Now is your chance to catch the video right here, and share your comments below. This will certainly change the way you play the game from now on.

[Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images]