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Justin Timberlake Golf Tips: Pro-Am Behavior, Course Ownership, His Golf Mentors, And Music Choice

Justin Timberlake — husband, father, actor, producer, singer, songwriter — golfer?

When most people think about Justin Timberlake, they may think of his hit songs, sold-out concert tours, and beautiful wife, Jessica Biel. However, chances are that not many people even know that the Grammy-winning artist is also an avid golfer.

While it is true that quite a few celebrities and athletes spend quality time on the golf course every now and then, Justin Timberlake actually goes far above and beyond a casual enjoyment of the sport. According to Golf Magazine, the 35-year-old actor is a skilled golfer who once owned and improved his very own golf course and “doesn’t just love golf, he lives it.”

In the February, 2012, issue of Golf magazine, Justin Timberlake opened up about his love for golf and even shared a few noteworthy tips along the way. According to Justin, the golf course has been more like a safe haven over the years for the high-profile celebrity.

“There aren’t many places I can go where I don’t feel like I’m being watched. But the golf course is one of them. It’s my refuge. It’s where I get a chance to be alone in the world.”

Justin purchased the Big Creek Golf Course in Memphis in 2007 along with his stepfather, Paul Harless. He did see a lot of potential and even had some great ideas going into his journey as a golf course owner. However, the previously bankrupt golf course also had a dose of sentimental value added in for the longtime singer, as well. According to Golf magazine, that golf course served as Justin’s training ground when he first learned to play the game.

When he owned the property, Justin Timberlake apparently changed a lot more than just the golf course’s name — he changed its overall efficiency as well. Mirimichi, which is a Native American word meaning “place of happy retreat,” progressively transformed into an eco-friendly layout known for its award-winning environmental stewardship.

Even though it may seem like a profitable business endeavor, Justin encouraged interested investors to not get into the golf course business for the money.

“Don’t do it, because you think you’re going to make money. Do it for the love. Do it because you want to give people a memorable experience… When [Mirimichi] fell into financial trouble, I saw an opportunity to create something special and give back to the community at the same time. The idea of this course going under and becoming a housing development, I just couldn’t live with that.”

Timberlake reportedly invested $16 million into the golf course and sold it for $500,000 in late 2014 to Memphis business Fred Edmaiston, according to NBC Sports.

During the same interview, Justin Timberlake shared his viewpoint on a few other golf-related topics – including his mentors, music and tips on Pro-Am behavior.

When it came to his mentors and the people that have inspired him over the years, he mentioned such names as Michael Jordan — who he played alongside before the 2009 U.S. Open — as well as Butch Harmon who taught him how to hit a draw.

However, he admits that his cherished first thoughts of golf were spending quality time with his stepfather.

“He was the one who introduced me to the game. We still play together a lot today, and we usually end up riding in the same cart and challenging the other cart to a match. But if I’m playing against him, it’s no holds barred. There’s no let up. We’re both grown men.”

In regards to behaving at a Pro-Am, Justin Timberlake advises golfers to “relax, lighten up” and “have fun.” He stated in the interview that “joking around is always a good way to go” and to avoid taking yourself too seriously. Justin has definitely found ways to show off his funny side while enjoying the golfing experience. He recently made headlines by dancing “The Carlton” alongside “Carlton Banks” himself — former Dancing with the Stars champion Alfonso Ribeiro — and Stephen Curry from the Golden State Warriors.

Even though Justin is primarily known for his music, he made it clear that he almost never listens to music on the golf course.

“I played one time with an iPod and earphones with a cord running down my back. I was playing everything, old and new… But I find I can’t play well with buds in my ears. I start swinging to the beat and not my natural rhythm and then suddenly I’m all over the place.”

Justin Timberlake — husband, father, singer, songwriter, producer, golfer. When you take the time to pay attention to his passion on the golf course and his love for the sport overall, it all just seems to make perfect sense.

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