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‘Monsters, Inc.’ Spin-Off: Is Boo From ‘Monsters, Inc.’ Getting Her Own Spin-Off Movie?

Is there a Monsters, Inc. spin-off movie in the works about Boo?

With the success and popularity of the Monsters, Inc. franchise, it would not be that big of a surprise for Pixar to announce a spin-off movie focusing on the life of young Boo.

There is even a promotional movie poster that claims Boo will be heading into theaters within the next four years (July 2020). Boo is featured as the main character in the promotional poster.

Boo Monsters Inc
[Image via Concept Disney/Instagram]

She is understandably much older than she was when she first entered the minds and hearts of moviegoers back in 2001. Her face and smile are both still easily recognizable and familiar to fans who have cherished Monsters, Inc. for more than a decade since its theatrical release.

Even though the promotional poster looks authentic — and you may quickly get your hopes up for a brand new Monsters, Inc. movie — it is actually just fan-made concept art.

Found on the popular Instagram page Concept Disney, designer Nico makes it clear that this promotional poster is nothing more than a wishful creation that entertains possibilities — not a guarantee from Pixar.

“I’m a huge Disney fan, and I decided to make a Disney account, where I would post concept art and ideas for upcoming Disney movies.”

After confirming that the Monsters, Inc. spin-off Boo movie poster was just concept art, Nico took the fantasy one step farther. As seen in the caption of the Instagram photo, he even wrote a possible synopsis for the movie that Pixar may want to consider if they ever decided to develop the film in real life.

“This movie would be the sequel to Disney Pixar’s ‘Monsters, Inc.‘ Boo is all grown up, and she decides to revisit her past. She hasn’t seen Mike and Sully for years. She travels far and overrides fears and obstacles just to find Mike and Sully again. Join ‘Boo’ in her journey to find the monsters that were once in her closet.”

The Monsters, Inc. spin-off movie Boo is not the only concept movie that Nico has developed and promoted on his Instagram page. He has created fake sequels for other popular Disney movies, including Wreck-It-Ralph and Ratatouille. He has also developed concept spin-offs for other another popular Pixar franchise, Finding Nemo, titled Finding Gerald and Darla.

Nico admitted openly that the Boo movie poster for his Monsters, Inc. spin-off was just concept art. However, there is also another red flag that let Pixar fans know it was for a fake movie: Pixar is currently on a hiatus from developing sequels!

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the popular movie studio has decided to focus more on original stories and is staying away from developing any more follow-up sequels (at least for now). Pixar already has a handful of sequels currently in different stages of development, including The Incredibles 2, Cars 3, and Toy Story 4.

However, Pixar President Jim Morris confirmed that the door is currently closed for developing anymore follow-up films for the time being.

“Most studios jump on doing a sequel as soon as they have a successful film, but our business model is a filmmaker model, and we don’t make a sequel unless the director of the original film has an idea that they like and are willing to go forward on. A sequel in some regards is even harder [than the original] because you’ve got this defined world which, on the one hand, is a leg up, and on the other hand has expectations that you can’t disappoint on.”

There are so many wonderful stories that Pixar has created and brought to the big-screen over the years that have become worldwide box-office hits, including Wall-E, Ratatouille, Up, The Good Dinosaur, and Inside Out. In each case, the story was developed with memorable characters that made lasting impacts on moviegoers, enticing millions of fans to wonder what would happen next in their lives.

That is the case with Monsters, Inc. as well. Even though Pixar expanded the franchise with a follow-up sequel, Monsters University, that did not necessarily answer the “What happens next?” question. Monsters University, which was released in 2013, was actually a prequel since it went back in time to Mike and Sully’s college days long before they became employees at Monsters, Inc.

Therefore, many Pixar fans were still left to wonder, “What happened to Boo?” Perhaps that is why Nico’s concept art became so popular even though Pixar executives had already confirmed a closed door on future sequels (for now). Even though it’s a promotional poster for a fake movie, the concept of seeing Boo all grown up and checking in with the lovable characters from Monsters, Inc. is something that Pixar may want to consider when the hiatus is finally over.

[Photo by Kim D. Johnson/AP Images]