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Romney’s Secret Video Blows Up On Twitter, Social Media Sites And Spawns Hashtag #47Percent

47 percent romney hashtag

As we reported earlier, a video of Mitt Romney making comments about a large percentage of American voters has made major waves on social media as the clip pings around the internet, and now the hashtag #47percent has begun to trend in the wake of the controversial video’s impact.

Even earlier today, we posted about another piece that had been getting lots of attention on the web centering on Romney, and a campaign that seemed to be flailing as swing voters have not been as effusive as many in the GOP anticipated. Politico did an in-depth look at some of the foibles attributed to the Romney camp in recent weeks.

Romney has a habit of saying things with a grain of truth but in a way so offensive that it is off-putting to but a small number of listeners — critics always say the GOP candidate comes off as difficult to relate to and plastic, but the new video is a level up for Romney in lack of relatability, which is saying a lot.

Currently on Twitter, the hashtag #47percent is trending with a lot of activity as well as the hashtag #RomneyEncore. Users seem to be entirely not favorably viewing the comments, with tweets such as:

It will be interesting to see how Mitt Romney’s unwanted viral video pans out, but the clusterfracas of gaffes makes a Romney win in November seem increasingly farfetched.

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7 Responses to “Romney’s Secret Video Blows Up On Twitter, Social Media Sites And Spawns Hashtag #47Percent”

  1. Dean Garr

    Mr. Romney finally speaks from the heart.

    He will dismiss 47% of Americans as beneath his consideration. He will be the President of the 53% (or whatever percentage of the population votes for him.)

    This was no gaffe.
    A gaffe is when one misspeaks.
    This was not a mistake.
    Mr. Romney was telling it as he believed.

    For the first time, we hear a man speaking confidently, eloquently, because he is saying what he believes.

    Who knew. We had thought he was just a candidate uncomfortable with oratory. No, he was a man who was hiding what he really believed and unable to do it artfully.

    Yes, Mr. Romney has finally told the truth.
    And that is the problem.

    Goodbye, Mr. Romney.
    Go away.
    Go to your multiple homes, or to Switzerland or to the Caymans or wherever else you can be with your millions (or is it billions?)
    Go away and don't come back.

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