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RoboCop Fans Furious Over New ‘Unrobotic’ Look

New RoboCop suit fails fan approval across the internet

Looks like I read RoboCop fans wrong when I wrote that they’d be pleasantly surprised by the character’s updated look in the upcoming reboot. Leaked photos of Joel Kinnaman’s new RoboCop suit hit the web over the weekend, and have apparently stirred quite a bit of ire among fans of the classic Paul Verhoeven cult film.

Disclaimer: I am indeed a fan of the original RoboCop series, minus the third entry which deserves every bad thing anyone has ever said about it. A few days ago, I wrote the article which debuted the new RoboCop suit worn by Joel Kinnaman in the upcoming reboot, and expressed pleasant surprise at the sleek new look. It seemed to me that the RoboCop outfit was a logical evolution from the clunky 80s suit that preceded it, and compared its evolution to the progression of outfits worn by the comic book character Batman on film.

Boy, did I underestimate RoboCop fans.

“The original Robocop looked like a robot, this one looks like a guy in a suit,” bemoaned one Redditer, with another scoffing, “I had no doubt that the original Robocop was just a dude’s face and torso stuck inside a machine. This one just looks like he’s wearing armour.”

Ben Child of Guardian remarked that the filmmakers had swapped the “clunky much-loved Peter Weller iteration,” for “a crime-fighting machine who is not so much cyborg as skinny bloke in matt-black body armour.” He also reiterated fan hopes that the leaked images portray a suit on which CGI armor will be placed in post-production, or that the leaked photos merely show standard regulation Detroit riot armor and not the RoboCop suit.

With the release of the teaser poster, I think that the latter fan hope is unlikely, and that the sleek black body armor look is indeed what was intended for the RoboCop reboot.

So now we’re back to where we started with opinions on the RoboCop reboot. In one corner, we have the Total Recall remake that removed the camp of Arnie’s original at the expense of its soul. In the other corner we have Dredd, a reboot of the Sly Stallone box office bomb, based on the long-running British comic strip 2000AD. The new film reportedly excises the satirical and over-the-top elements of the strip as well, but so far, the film is proving to be a success with both critics and audiences overseas.

Do you think that the RoboCop reboot will be any good? Will it fail like Total Recall or be an unexpected surprise like Dredd? Sound off!

Also, an “improved” RoboCop suit, courtesy of one imgur user:

New RoboCop suit improved

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20 Responses to “RoboCop Fans Furious Over New ‘Unrobotic’ Look”

  1. Anonymous

    See, if they ended up making parts of his suit chrome (like the fan touched-up picture shows) he would look perfect! There is zero reason to make him all black. It just isn't what the fans want, that should be enough reason for them to change it.

  2. Anonymous

    The suit is to streamline, no bulk, strutting or plating extensions. Remember Robo Cop is a Cyborg, this makes him look like an android or a guy in a HALO suit.

  3. Anselmo Fresquez

    The guys in halo suits, also known to some as spartans, are super soldiers trained from a young age who wear power-suits. A CYBORG is a CYBernetic ORGanism (see what they did there?). So you're, technically, not technically correct.

  4. Anselmo Fresquez

    I was hoping to see a re-imagined Robocop that revisits the same dystopian urban future, with the same over-the-top violence, ridiculous spoof commericals and mind-blowingly cool cyborg cop action… only with 21st century special effects. I didn't expect it to be better than the original, but I was hoping for something better than I could have come up with…

  5. Jose Cebreros

    The new reboot armor had so much potential to be cool and exciting and this is the best you guys came up with? that straight out sucks. It does't even look like a robot. When they rebooted batman, batman still looked like batman, updated yes but still looked like what it was supposed to look like.

  6. Anders Eriksson

    I agree with the other fans, he is supposed to be a proper cyborg with metal armor. Why on earth would they just give him a batman suit and a motorcycle helmet? Looks like any regular swat team member and incredibly boring.

    The touched up version at least brings back some proper colour. I could accept that one, but plain black? Looks so unfinished.

  7. Paul Gearing

    the original suit was ahead of it's time. There was no need to change the look tbh

  8. Josh Sullivan

    With the film technology they have today, they should've been blowing us away with Robocop's look, not leaving us with "meh." The original Robocop actually looked like they took Peter Weller's face, peeled it off of his skull, and stuck it on some robotic head and suit. His movements, the power in the way he walked, you really bought that he was a cyborg that weighed several hundred pounds more than a human.
    This new suit looks like Batman's armour with a Tron-inspired helmet stuck on top. You don't get that it's a machine at all. Talk about a let down. Pass.

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