'RHONY' star, Bethenny Frankel

Twitter Blasts Bethenny Frankel For Calling ‘RHONY’ Her Show, Carole Radziwill Defends Her On-Screen BFF

Bethenny Frankel is living in a dream world. She seems to believe that Real Housewives of New York(RHONY) is her show, and the other wives are striving to be just like her, All About The Tea reports.

Bethenny was having a friendly chat on Twitter and didn’t miss a beat when it came time to throw some shade at her fellow cast members. It all started when a fan tweeted to Bethenny that she wished she and Carole would kidnap her for a weekend.

Frankel responded and explained that their life isn’t that exciting — they lay in bed talking about boys and the “liars on my show.” The part of her Twitter exchange that has the RHONY fans all heated up was when Bethenny referred to the Bravo reality show as her show. Many RHONY fans replied advising Frankel that it isn’t just her show, and she should be ashamed for implying that.

It seems like we can always count on Frankel to toot her own horn at any chance she gets. Immediately, the fans responded demanding to know who the liars are on the show. When she played innocent, the fans wasted no time calling her out on her “out-of-control ego.”

As one particular Bravo viewer kindly reminded Bethenny, the show is not hers because her shows have a habit of being canceled. And, RHONY is a successful show. Therefore it must be the other women bringing the fans. Of course, that was probably hard to Frankel to read, because, in her world, everyone wants to be her bestie.

Carole weighed in when Bethenny chose not to reply to the madness anymore. She stated that she doesn’t mock or make fun of anyone on the show. Radziwill added that LuAnn mocked her for choosing not to have any children and Dorinda made fun of her profession. It wasn’t too much of a surprise that Carole backed Bethenny up — they stick together both on and off the show.

Many RHONY fans speculate that Frankel and Radziwill are doing everything possible to get attention, so Bravo signs them for Season 9. Bethenny has a habit of getting into heated social media battles, and when her mouth gets her into trouble, she either back peddles or stops responding to the argument. The behavior witnessed on Twitter is typical Bethenny Frankel.

Several months ago, Bethenny touted that she was an executive producer of RHONY and implied she controlled the editing and airtime the other girls received. Of course, Andy Cohen later denied she had such power, and stated that the “promotion” didn’t have any special powers or increase in pay.

It seems like Frankel is a legend in her own mind and she thinks the show revolves around her. In her mind, she thinks the show would face cancellation without her. The Bravo audience is growing tired of her antics, and it is displayed all over social media. Comments about her ego and attitude speak volumes about how she is perceived on RHONY.

It doesn’t help that Carole and Bethenny reportedly attacked Jules Wainstein about her eating disorder. It made them look like mean girls who couldn’t wait to attack someone who was “weaker.” Jules claimed they ganged up on her and made her feel insecure about her food intake, among other things.

Frankel is losing fans and followers after they witnessed her behavior towards the RHONY cast members. In fact, there are several petitions circulating on social media that call for Bethenny’s firing, Mr. Housewife reports. They demand an apology or remove her from the show. So far, Bravo has refused to comment on Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill’s behavior.

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