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New Kate Middleton Topless Photos Published By Italian Magazine

kate middleton

Italian Magazine Chi has been talking about its collection of more than 200 photos of Kate Middleton topless since French Magazine Closer published a few last week. Today the magazine decided to publish more than two dozen new photos of the Duchess of Cambridge sunbathing topless over 26 pages in its latest issue.

According to MSNBC, the photo spread in Chi includes 14 photos that were previously published by Closer as well as several others from the Duchess’ trip to South France lat month. Radar Online reports that the magazine published more than 25 new photos. Chi and Closer are owned by the same company, Mondadori publishing house.

The Royal Family has already filed legal action against Closer, and they are bound to sue Chi as well. Irish tabloid The Daily Star,which published topless photos of the Duchess last week, is also facing legal trouble over the photos.

Alfonso Signorini, the editor of Chi, said that he wasn’t worried about the Kate Middleton photo scandal. Signorini said that the naked photos of Prince Harry that were published last month were more damaging to the royal family than the topless photos of Middleton.

Signorini said:

“These pictures are not offensive or in poor taste, they are not morbid and they do not damage the dignity of anyone. Instead the pictures that were published in Britain of Prince Harry were exactly that – if I didn’t recognize the journalistic value of what I had, then if I did not publish them I would be better off in a market selling artichokes. These pictures were taken while the couple were on a terrace and they were taken from a public place, so there is no suggestion of an invasion of privacy.”

Signorini continued saying that the photos were journalistic because they stripped the future queen of her royalty and showed her as a normal person.

Signorini said:

“For the first time, the future Queen of England appears in a natural way, free from all artificial elements required by her role. The Royal Family, instead of getting angry with the media, that are simply exercising their right to inform, should, in my humble opinion, take the opportunity and comment on this scoop with the typical British humour, by saying ‘So what?'”

Here’s the censored cover of Chi magazine.

kate middleton chi

Do you think the Royal Family is making this a bigger deal than it actually is by pursuing legal action?

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49 Responses to “New Kate Middleton Topless Photos Published By Italian Magazine”

  1. Heather Johnson

    Invasion of privacy? Maybe. Not as big a deal as some people are making this out to be? Totally! Let's get over it. They're just breasts. Half the population of the world has them.

  2. Jimmy Gardner

    This is just my opinion, but in todays world, if u don't want ppl taking naked photos of you, don't walk around naked outside. ESPECIALLY, if ur famous. Honestly, I think they do it on purpose so they can make a big deal about it and and have a media frenzy so they can get more attention. She will be the most googled princess in history after all this is over…..

  3. Charles Lescoe

    Come on some decency should apply for the woman. The Paparazzi should never have taken or published at the very least these photos, No not because they shouldn't but because come on shes the Princess, I may be an American and so I really don't care about the Royal Family like someone in England would. But Respect the Princess and a nice one at that. But I also feel that WHy the fuck was she topless in public.

  4. Wes Hopper

    Actually, every living person young and old has them. It's a matter of having larger "feminine" ones that causes such hysteria. I too agree with Jimmy above though. Don't be naked, if you don't wanna be seen naked.

  5. Frank Simmons

    Well you know, it wasn't in public. She was in an area where privacy was supposed to exist, but the camera guy found a vantage point and took pics. Princess or not, you don't publish photos of people without their permission. The nudity just makes it worse.

  6. Anonymous

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  7. Tony Delia

    Everyone needs to just chill out including the prince and princes NO BIG DEAL by the way it's histry now. Now get ready for what the future may bring for everyone! I have some toples photo"s of a few hippies dancing around while Bufalo Springfield jamed in the late 60"s anyone intrested See what I mean NO BIG DEAL let's all get over it and not run this into the ground! Unless they catch them parting hardy on there boat and getting down and dirty and putting it on a thumb drive and put it in ther safe , and then someone steels it. O Wait maby histry repeats itslef over and over again with someone else at the wheel. Tell me is it posible for this to ever happen NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  8. Anonymous

    The Future Queen and King made mistake. Knowing fully well that they are of high profile couple and belong to one of the most respected Royals in the world. They should have guard or protected their privacy. I really do not know what is becoming of the British Royal Family showing off their nudity? Such is the huge commitments on their sides and the very many other commitments they already have. This is one of the pains they will have to face or accept.

  9. Stuart Frank Fletcher

    These comments that are being made are all very well, but I think that most people do not realise the implications in which the manner these pictures were obtained. It is all very well parading around a PUBLIC beach topless, then you can expect to be photographed by all voyeurs in sight. Models posing naked or semi-naked are paid to do just that. EVERYBODY and ANYBODY famous or otherwise including JOE PUBLIC are entitled to their rights of Privacy when on PRIVATE Grounds and should therefore have those rights respected by others including the evasive Press, unless permission has been given for any pictures to be taken. It is quite obvious that these pictures were obtained totally illegally by the use of long-range lenses over a considerable distance and any decent minded Magazine Editor should have known that any publication would infringe the Rights of the Individuals involved.

  10. Kimberly Morse Cotsworth

    If you don't want naked pictures of you circulating, then don't get naked in public or around people who aren't your significant other or doctor. It doesn't matter if nudity happens to be acceptable where you are, like that particular location in Italy or any other nude beach. Its that simple. She chose to take her top off, there are consequences the royal family is going to have to live with just like any other celeb or average person.

  11. Purita Fleschhut

    This family knows that they are a hounded people as far as newshounds and photographers are concerned. Going to courts might help but could they go to all courts in the world to stop newshounds/paparazzis from invading into their private lives? Hardly. Besides, the damage has been done so what are they crying about?

  12. Valette Hamilton

    I thought the Europeans were supposed to be so open about their bodies and such. I'm surprised they published the pictures and that it's become such a big deal. However, when at a private residence, the pap are trespassing, either with their lenses or with their bodies. I would sue the pap if it was me.

  13. Douglas L. Hom

    I think that suing for invasion of privacy is appropriate. It at least makes a statement that there should be some expectation of privacy in some arenas and it also asks that publishers have some discretion in what to publish. On the other hand, one can't blame a publisher for publishing photos that are of such lucrative value. It is a business, after all. However, such does promote legal voyeurism and France has some laws protecting privacy. How much is reasonable? Just because you can get photos, is it right to be able to acquire such… i.e. if you are on a rooftop, nude, with high walls surrounding you; should you be able to expect privacy from remote drone photos? If there are laws against someone hiding in your bushes looking through your windows through a crack in your blinds, is that an invasion of privacy? Of course, it is. Then, if so, where do we draw the line on voyeurism made possible only by technology (10,000 power long lens for instance).

  14. Anonymous

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  15. Dimi Stevenson

    Folks it's Europe! Go to the beaches-nothing is hidden so what's the big deal? It isn't as though she's Pamela Anderson-she just an average girl without her top on. If it got them all hot and pissed they should have realized they are, after all, deemed 'the royal couple' – so perhaps a bit more decorum.

  16. Dimi Stevenson

    Folks it's Europe! Go to the beaches-nothing is hidden so what's the big deal? It isn't as though she's Pamela Anderson-she just an average girl without her top on. If it got them all hot and pissed they should have realized they are, after all, deemed 'the royal couple' – so perhaps a bit more decorum.

  17. Silvia Iannicelli-Mahoney

    Im with you…as far as I am concerned, she should have known better and if she didnt, her husband should have. Was it really necessary for her to be naked knowing there cud be photograhers even hanging in the trees? I would have had the brains to at least have told my wife, honey maybe its not such a smart thing for you to be walking around out here with nothing on knowing the paparazzi cud be anywhere taking our pictures. She is not the same person she was before she got married and she may as well get used to the fact that privacy is a thing of the past.

  18. Gail Moore

    Berlusconi is such trash – trust him to rush to press with these wretched photos. Quit buying this crap, people.

  19. Anonymous

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  20. Raj Hudek

    I don't understand the big issue. Every beach I've ever been to in Europe or any tourist spot I've ever gone to where British and other Europeans are, I notice women sunbathing topless. I mean I've seen a mom sunbathing topless with her two and three year old children building sandcastles right next to her and her husband is reading a book on the other side of her. It's just very normal in that culture. Is Kate Middleton above the European culture because she is now a Royal? It really doesn't seem to make any sense to me…

  21. Billy Miller

    This is the stupid Media.Drop it because I have seen alot better.Don't forget about the satelites floating around the sky that can read the number of your plate on your car.Gonna sue the Government?

  22. Cathy Smith Uffen

    She was on a private estate. Her security totally blew it not driving that road for sightlines to that deck. Could easily have been William in those photos.

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