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‘X Factor’ Ratings Continue Downward Spiral, ‘The Voice’ Keeps Winning

Simon Cowell and Britney Spears ratings drop on X Factor

X Factor has continued its downward ratings spiral. While creator Simon Cowell famously predicted that the show would debut with 20 million viewers, it brought in only 12.7 million at its peak last season. Now after a two-hour Season Two Fox debut which features the judging styles of Britney Spears and Demi Lovato, the show has dropped to just 8.5 million viewers, a 32 percent fall from its Season One premiere.

In comparison, X Factor competitor The Voice managed to bring in 10.7 million viewers for its season three, night three performances on the same nights. Executives at NBC had added the third night specifically to take on X Factor.

The drop off in X Factor ratings comes at a time when the show is spending millions of dollars to showcase top judging talents which also includes super-producer Antonio “L.A.” Reid, the same man behind Mariah Carey, Pink, and Justin Bieber.

The drop in ratings could be a troubling sign to come for American Idol ,which has also thrown star power behind their judges in the form of Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, and Keith Urban. The American Idol judging panel was announced on Sunday morning, just hours before Idol auditions were set to kick off.

American Idol thrived in its early years because it was something new and featured a panel of judges that people thought played well off one another. Perhaps the played out format on X Factor has turned fans away, or perhaps they would rather just tune in to watch Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, Cee-Lo, and Adam Levine spar with one another on The Voice.

Here’s an idea: Allow X Factor to play on Hulu so it can generate some online buzz; seriously, why are Fox and Sony protecting the airing rights for this huge pile of garbage?

Do you think X Factor will see 3 seasons?

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60 Responses to “‘X Factor’ Ratings Continue Downward Spiral, ‘The Voice’ Keeps Winning”

  1. Michelle Stockard Miller

    X Factor made a huge mistake by adding Britney Spears as a judge. She does not have enough credibility as an vocalist to judge other people's singing talent. I predict that the ratings will continue to fall leading to the show finally being cancelled. Sad, because I watched it and liked it last year, but they lost me when they added Britney. The Voice is good because it has a diverse panel of judges and each of them is a talent in their genre of music. Granted, Christina's judgement may be questionable at times, but there's no doubt that the girl has The Voice which gives her a ton more credibility than Britney.

  2. Lisa Cano

    As much as I enjoy Simon's raw honesty and I have also been to 2 Idol Concerts, nothing beats The Voice! The whole concept and panel are the absolute best and so entertaining to watch. Christina could cover the girls a little more but other than than that, The Voice is #1 by far!

  3. Danielle Dalton

    I love both the Voice and X Factor. The only problem I have with the Voice is that after two seasons we still have not heard anything from the winners. X Factor and Idol however have started careers for many artists. I mean without Idol we wouldn't have Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood. And didn't One Direction get started on the X Factor in the UK? I still adore the Voice and wish that I could hear some music from the talent that has been on the show, because there was some major talent last year. The only person that is getting any buzz from the show is Rae Lynn and she didn't even win. Makes you concerned for the winners.

  4. Terri Sigmon Quinn

    Agreed! I like The Voice much, much better! Really like the blind audition process too!

  5. Katherine Lympany Bode

    THE VOICE!!!! Can't stand "Idol" nor "The X Faxtor"…
    Neither show actual plays to their so-called "coaching skills".

  6. Barbara Segal

    The voice is much better…all kinds of people stand a pretty fair chance…Blake is very genuine, Cee-lo is cool, but Christina needs to stop dressing so slutty and tuck those boobs in…it's gross and so unprofessional….

  7. Scott Blair

    Definatley the VOICE – Hands down far better talent and far better talented judges who's opinions really do matter!

  8. Scott Blair

    and Susan Boyle would have been a better choice for a judge than Britney "no talent" Spears!

  9. Scott Blair

    and Susan Boyle would have been a better choice for a judge than Britney "no talent" Spears!

  10. Kathleen Hanlon

    I like the Voice better. I like the whole concept of the blind auditions and the fact that they don't waste my time showing the obviously terrible singers. I also like the chemistry between the judges.

  11. Christy Carlisle

    I also agree. I really enjoyed watching X-factor last season but was very upset that Britney was added. I refused to watch the show until she is removed from the show. Hopefully Simon will wake up and smell the roses

  12. Shelli Huls Hayes

    The VOICE hands down- Positive influences all the way with constructive POSITIVE comments to all contestants!!!!!

  13. Anonymous

    It is quite unfair to judge the ratings on the first week of The X Factor as indicative of decline. Fox had to debut the series sometime, and chose to avoid going head to head with The Voice (which had its own rating problems in the later shows last season). Consequently, they ended up going up against Simon's own show–America's Got Talent. I switched back and forth between the two both evenings because I've been a very-involved AGT voter all summer. This week, I' won't have that conflict.

    Also, as to The Voice being the better show, I think not. They can't even get decent contestants when they hand-pick them.

  14. Jeremy Pritchett

    I really don't think people are giving X Factor a chance but it is a far better show. The judges give better opinions on the show and people from X Factor focus more on original songs and showing you what kind of artist they are going to be. But first things first people X Factor and American Idol give people a chance to be a star when have you ever heard a person from The Voice even on the radio better yet be a star.

  15. Eric Cheeseburg Lewis


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