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Kate Middleton Topless Photos: Italian Magazine Ready To Publish 200 Candid Shots

Kate Middleton Breasts

Kate Middleton topless photos have been circulating for almost a week, and now Italian magazine the Palace claims it has 200 more topless photos it is preparing to publish.

According to the Italian magazine, it will publish a whopping 26-page spread on Monday.

In the meantime, the Royal Family’s legal team has already jumped in to squash the photos before they see the light of day. The legal team argues that the photos were taken while Middleton and Prince William were on a private balcony in a remote area of France.

The Kate Middleton topless photos scandal has not slowed down the newlyweds who were spotting hanging out in the Solomon Islands on Sunday. Kate and William are currently touring the southeast parts of Asia where they have been spotted wearing all of their clothing.

In the meantime, a bunch of semi-nude photos could be the least of the couple’s problems; a French magazine editor recently made a veiled claim in which they revealed that photos of the royal couple having sex might be in their possession.

With Prince Harry getting naked in Las Vegas and now this newest scandal, perhaps the royal family should consider a simple solution: Don’t take your clothes off in public places or in front of people with camera phones.

Do you think the Royal Family’s legal team will be successful in placing an injunction against the Italian magazine before it has time to publish the massive 26-page spread of Kate Middleton’s breasts?

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23 Responses to “Kate Middleton Topless Photos: Italian Magazine Ready To Publish 200 Candid Shots”

  1. Christopher Koulouris

    What's been interesting in the latest debacle with respect to the posted images is the royal's insistence that they have been violated and stalked. Which on some level may be true but what the royal house is failing to acknowledge or refusing to publicly acknowledge is that the institution of the monarchy has become less and less meaningful and has become a kind of nonsensical charade based on feudal sensibilities which insult most people's intelligence given the great social injustices at play.

    The royals were bound to be reduced to the status of Lindsay Lohan meets Charlie Sheen in a crack wet dream gone wrong….and the public is loving it….

  2. Sharon Eckert

    BigDeal! Maybe if there weren't enough morons out there buying this crap, then it would no longer be an event…..fix it by posting nekkid pictures of me next to hers….guarandamntee ya that sales would plummet!

  3. Geneva Ashley

    So dame what Ms kate had her life before she married the prince and if he not worry about it why should any body else magazines people just tell lies and turn's the stories around all the time. So what that's his wife leave them alone I know why they can't leave them alone because they have to feed there family to that's there job to harrase famous people.

  4. Carlton Colquitt

    The Royal family blew it. They are paid and cared for by lots of people who can't really afford to have this kind of foolishness done with their money. There's a huge disconnect here. Time to fire the "R"oyals. They could wash the cars for the cops at Scotland Yard. And if they were topless, nobody would even care.

  5. Timothy Sigler

    if they wanted privacy why go topless on a balcony of a hotel get a clue moron , they use the press and the photographers when its to there advantage and then claim there anyoing when they dont or call them worse

  6. Carol Smith

    Leave the Royal family alone! They try to have a private life as well as a public life. The Paparazzi killed William and Harry's mother! Is there no compassion left in this world, only GREED?

  7. Anonymous

    They dont deserve a private life as long as they leech off the taxpayer. Incidentally the Papparazi didnt kill Dianna, Al Fayed and his lack of security were responsible.

  8. Anonymous

    Why can't you people just leave the royal family alone. I, can understand coverage, in the U.K., when peforming royal duties. But let's be real people, they are on vacation. Vacation, is usually for privacy, to get away and relax. After all you Italian Journalists, think of it this way, how would you like it, with you and your spouse going on vacation, to some exotic place. Your wife, decides to do a little topless sunbathing, and someone takes pictures of her, and plasters it worldwide. Think about it. Would you apprecitate that. Everyone, else who wishes to see Kate topless, read this too, and think about it that way too.

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