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Pokemon Go Leads Players To A Naked Woman Vandalizing A Church In Connecticut

The hit game Pokemon Go has not only been leading players to virtual Pikachus, but it’s also been leading them to crime.

From finding bodies to crimes in operation, Pokemon Go players are finding all sorts of things. Two Pokemon Go players in Westport, Connecticut, were determined to find some Pokemon in the prayer garden of St. Luke’s Church. Instead, they found a naked woman tearing up the grounds of the church, according to News 12.

One can only imagine the surprise of the two young men when they thought they were going to catch some potentially rare Pokemon, but instead caught a glimpse of a naked woman tearing up some church property.

Monsignor Andy Varga of St. Luke’s Church said the naked woman went on a rampage flipping benches, throwing garbage around, and tearing out lights. She managed to tip over a statue of the Virgin Mary and break one of its hands off. The statue was originally imported from Italy.

The disturbed woman also allegedly meddled with the watering system at the side of the church.

Sister Maureen Fleming called 911 immediately when she became aware of the situation after the two Pokemon Go players found the person causing the damage to the grounds.

The woman, only described as naked, from Bridgeport, and 40-years-old, was not immediately charged by the police because it is suspected that she suffers from a mental disorder. She was taken to Norwalk Hospital for further evaluation. Once it is decided whether she has a medical or mental disorder, police will decide whether or not she should be charged if the incident was intentional.

Lt. David Farrell from the Westport Police Department does not believe the woman damaged the church property on purpose, according to CTpost.

Churchgoers, workers from the church, and the Westport Police Department helped clean the garden where the Pokemon Go players uncovered the incident.

Most of the damage was “very fixable”, noted Fleming, but the church garden will need the statue’s hand fixed, new lighting, and the fountain repaired.

Church members said they were praying for the woman, hoping she would feel better, no matter what the situation was behind her attack in the garden.

“We all feel so sorry for this poor woman,” Fleming said. “Whatever drove her to this, she really snapped and that’s very disconcerting – that if I’d been here maybe I could have helped before it happened.”

Fleming’s office overlooks the garden, but she had been out doing other business when the Pokemon Go players encountered the woman.

Pokemon Go players are encouraged to keep their eyes open and to be aware of their surroundings during the game. This warning not only includes paying attention to traffic, other people, and using common sense, but it now also applies to paying attention to crimes that could be happening in places where people may not normally travel.

Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go comes with a built in warning, but sometimes danger lurks in surprising places, like church gardens. [Photo by Shutterstock]
Pokemon Go players have uncovered bodies in areas where they were looking for Pokemon. While not every Pokemon Go player is likely to uncover a body or run into a crime underway, it is advisable for Pokemon players to remember to be aware of his or her surroundings at all times.

It might not always be a good idea to chase Pokemon everywhere, especially into known dangerous areas. Be aware even in places that do not seem dangerous. Use common sense and always know how to reach emergency services in your area if you choose to play the game.

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