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WWE News: Brock Lesnar Versus Randy Orton ‘WWE SummerSlam’ Match In Major Jeopardy?

We all know by now that Brock Lesnar was highly successful in his return to the octagon at UFC 200. He beat the eighth-ranked heavyweight in the world, Mark Hunt, in impressive fashion. Interestingly, due to Jon Jones failing a drug test, Brock was thrust into the main event at one point. UFC then made the call last minute to have the women main event the show instead, which was a huge situation. We saw a new Women’s Bantamweight Champion crowned out of it.

Lesnar obviously was impressive, but some felt it was a bit too much so. Due to Lesnar bypassing the four-month testing mark, he had to be tested by the USADA eight times before his fight with Hunt. He passed seven of the tests, but one happened to be taken on June 28, and the USADA was finally able to let UFC know about it by Thursday evening. Lesnar had failed it and potentially doped before the fight. One would imagine that if Brock Lesnar took eight tests and passed seven, the other would have been a false positive. However, it is unsure what he took or if was even bad enough to result in a suspension or penalty of any kind.

Thinking about it fully, if Lesnar was doping prior to the event, he would have done it from the beginning and the entire time leading to the event itself. If he was taking all along, he would have failed more tests. He took eight in the span of a month, so clearly he had to be clean for the others, and one failed means something was up. A man claiming to be his training partner claims that Lesnar took an inhaled corticosteroid due to training that he was going through that caused an issue with asthma for the Beast Incarnate.

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Clearly, these won’t help you and aren’t considered PEDs. However, because they do enter the lungs and thus the blood system, he very well could test positive for a steroid due to them. If it’s in the blood, the tests do not take that into consideration, as they cannot tell. In theory, passing seven and then failing one makes no sense.

For his part, Mark Hunt is trying to destroy Lesnar’s name and is demanding Lesnar’s entire purse from UFC 200 or his release from the UFC — because he’s not patient.

WWE may also not be patient, as they may have an issue on their hands with their possible WWE SummerSlam main event between Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton due to all of this. According to the Wrestling Observer, the investigation into Brock Lesnar and what he took may be of concern because of the fact that the New York State Athletic Commission may hand down a suspension if Brock is found to have been fully guilty of doping before UFC 200 by the Nevada State Athletic Commission and USADA. There is an investigation into things, of course, so what is found will result in what occurs.

For those unaware, the NYSAC also regulates pro-wrestling in the state of New York on top of other combat sports. Due to this, WWE may have an issue with Summerslam, as it does take place in Brooklyn this year. Many athletic commissions recognize suspensions from other states. Due to the NSAC helping with UFC material, they handle the suspension material for the mixed martial arts leader while the USADA now handles all drug testing. Ultimately, the UFC does work in New York and Las Vegas a lot, so they usually have to go with whatever is handed out even though some take what is done as a suggestion.

Meanwhile, some would say that WWE is sports entertainment, and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon made this clear years ago. However, New York does not have to recognize this since they run pro-wrestling as well as MMA in their state. Other states may also follow along if they also regulate wrestling, such Pennsylvania and Kentucky. In WWE’s case especially, they run live events in New York through New York Event Services, Inc. They also happen to be on the NYSAC website.

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WON noted that sources close to NYAC representatives claim the reps would stop Brock Lesnar from working MMA events in the state but not pro-wrestling because wrestlers in New York do not have individual licenses. The promoters are obviously required to have one in the state, however. Weirdly enough, the NYSAC does not have a different drug testing policy for wrestlers, which means they treat them as they do the fighters at times. The source told WON that they really can’t penalize the wrestlers, though.

In an interesting example, the NYSAC does not allow pro-wrestlers to fight in the crowd at independent events. Of course, WWE is able to do it, as they seem to be a special case. More often than not, promoters are fined or penalized for allowing such an action. Due to the promoter having the license and not the wrestler, in this case, Vince McMahon (promoter) would get fined if the NYSAC wanted to hand one down for such a situation.

All of this being said, the NYSAC may not be able to suspend Brock Lesnar, according to sources close to WON, because he is not under the individual license situation. WWE and Vince McMahon would, however, be penalized for allowing Lesnar to work WWE SummerSlam. It is unknown what kind of penalty or even fine would be handed out, but the company would have no issue with it regardless.

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