The Potential Cause Of Brock Lesnar’s UFC Anti-Doping Violation Revealed

Yesterday, it was reported here that Brock Lesnar had been flagged for violating UFC’s Doping Policy. Lesnar was officially flagged for a drug test that he took back in late June that caused everyone to suspect that he had violated the policy. Since the results of the test weren’t revealed until yesterday, Lesnar was able to fight and defeat Mark Hunt at UFC 200 last weekend.

However, you can imagine the backlash Brock Lesnar has been suffering from after the news broke that he had violated UFC’s policy. According to a report from Wrestling Inc, there were rumors of Lesnar being fined as much as 50 or even 75 percent of his purse from UFC 200 if the banned substance was revealed to be steroids.

Despite all the trouble the past 24 hours have been for Brock Lesnar, he was only flagged for a violation. The violation hasn’t been confirmed yet. However, the cause of the violation has potentially been revealed, and it will most likely absolve Brock Lesnar of the scrutiny he’s been under over the past day.

Brock Lesnar Makes His Entrance With Battle Scars on His Face
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According to a report from, the reason why Brock Lesnar was flagged by the United States Anti-Doping Agency was a medication called Advair, which is meant to treat Asthma. Although nothing is confirmed as of this writing, the belief is that the medicine is what caused Lesnar’s sample to be flagged during his drug test in June.

This information has come from a post circulating the internet, which has been made public by an “alleged training teammate” of Lesnar’s. If Advair is revealed as the cause of the flagged drug test and violation, it is very unlikely that Brock Lesnar would be fined, suspended, or be in any other kind of trouble from UFC or WWE.

The following statement is what his “alleged” teammate wrote about Lesnar’s potential violation.

“As many of you know I train with Brock and have brought to this board alot of inside information on camp and his comeback. Towards the end of camp we kept things fun and did alot of outdoor conditioning in Alexandria, MN. This caused a severe reaction one day with Mr. LESNAR. He literally would not stop hyperventilating for almost 10 minutes after 5 rounds of hill sprints mixed with kettlebell work. Brock suffers from whats called RAD otherwise known as Reactive airway disease his doctor for years has prescribed him.

“Advair Diskus which helps him breathe during the late spring and Summer months here in Minnesota when he has episodes. lostly when farming. This drug is classified as Beta-2 Agonists. So this is why he got popped by USADA.

“Its really just a formality though because he should of been give a TUE just like people do who have ADHD and take Adderall that fight in the UFC or other pain killers for injuries. He passed the other 7 tests and was not using any GH or Anabolic agents of any kind which everyone is assuming.

“He did not take this medication while in Las Vegas because he breathes well in that climate so this gave him no special advantages over Mark Hunt! Just wanted to clear the air over here once again you heard it first from me! I have other members here who can verify that I train with Brock.

“Thanks, D2″

Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton Set For Summerslam
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Although there are still a lot of questions about what WWE knew or didn’t know, this information has the potential to be true and would clear Brock Lesnar of any accusations. His fight and victory over Mark Hunt at UFC 200 will stand, and he will continue to be one of the most talked about professional athletes on the planet. It will just be in a more positive light.

The next big event Brock Lesnar will be involved with is WWE’s SummerSlam in August. During that event, he’ll have a match with Randy Orton that he is essentially guaranteed to win no matter what. Hopefully, Advair is the cause of Lesnar’s issues with UFC’s Anti-Doping Policy. There will be more information very soon that will either resolve the issue for good or the public scrutiny of Brock Lesnar will continue.

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