Ghost Watching Over A Deadly Motorcycle Crash Scene? Haunting Photo Of Floating Apparition Resembling Human Figure Captured

Ghost Watching Over A Deadly Motorcycle Crash Scene? Haunting Photo Of Floating Apparition Resembling Human Figure Captured

A truck driver claims he captured a ghost floating over a deadly motorcycle accident. The apparition in the roadside photo appears to resemble a human figure and is seen hovering above the crash scene, as if watching over the same.

A Kentucky business owner says he snapped a revealing photo that appears to show a ghostly form right above a motorcycle accident that left a single person dead. The apparition appears as though the spirit of the dead is ascending from the wreckage.

The motorcycle accident happened in Powell County. The photo was captured by truck driver Saul Vazquez, who was passing by on the opposite side of the road. Glancing across the road, he spotted the macabre scene, but more peculiarly, he saw an abnormality in the trees just above the spot where the accident had taken place. Vazquez claims he rolled down the window before snapping a photo of the accident scene along Highway 15 near Stanton, Kentucky, on Tuesday afternoon.

The photo shows a small crowd gathered around a motorcycle crash victim. Two emergency vehicles can also be seen with their backs towards each other and the doors ajar. While this may be considered as a pretty routine scene, what makes the photo interesting is the presence of a smoky figure above the first responders, which remarkably resembles a human figure that appears to be suspended in mid-air.

“I took this picture just few minutes ago from the cab of my truck it was an accident between campton and Stanton on the service road just off of the mountain parkway, zoom in and pay attention to the shadow just off the top of the state trooper hat.”

Vazquez didn’t know who the victim was or what had happened, but added, “I hope everyone involved is okay!!”

Apparently, the deadly motorcycle crash had happened around 5:30 p.m. local time on Highway 15 near Stanton, reported Lex18. According to the news outlet, officials confirmed the person on the motorcycle was the only person involved. They added the victim was rushed to a local hospital, but he did not survive. According to the hospital, the male victim succumbed to his injuries sustained in the motorcycle accident.

Vazquez says he captured the photo from his truck’s cabin and insists it is completely unaltered. The driver added that he shared the image on Facebook to share what he thought was a spirit that was hovering above the accident scene.

Sure indeed, the photo instantly went viral and has been spreading like wildfire on multiple social media platforms. Many appear to believe that the image is of a ghost. Two Seattle news presenters also said the hovering figure might be a spirit.

The photo appears rather grainy, but the humanoid fog can be clearly seen above the crash scene, reported Week in Weird. Many insist the apparition is the spirit of the motorcycle accident victim, floating above the body, while others claim the “ghost” could be floating upwards to its heavenly abode. Essentially, the common consensus appears to be Vazquez has captured the photo that reveals the soul of the crash victim. However, many critics have rubbished the claims, and strongly insist a little Photoshop might be involved in creating what can easily be considered as one of the best ghost photos. Needless to say, the major factor working in favor of the ghost theory is the motorcycle accident.

According to Inside Edition, Corey Graham, director of Powell County 9-11 Dispatch Center, said, “It was an injury accident. We received a call at 5:38 p.m.” Graham added that the department is aware of the photo, but refused to offer his opinion.

[Photo by Derek Davis/Portland Press Herald/Getty Images]