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Paget Brewster Makes The Jump To ‘Law & Order: SVU’

Paget Brewster Makes The Jump To 'Law & Order: SVU'

Paget Brewster has the same job but on a new show.

The actress completed a six-year run on Criminal Minds and, this season, will remain in law enforcement but is instead joining the detectives of the Special Victims Unit on Law Order: SVU.

As noted, the premiere of Law Order on NBC just so happens to the airing at the same time Criminal Minds is playing on CBS.

Paget Brewster will be the guest star on the show’s two-hour “premiere event,” which airs Wednesday, September 26 from 9 pm to 11 pm. She plays the head of the District Attorney Office’s Public Integrity Unity and will be investigating the case against Captain Cragen (Dann Florek). In the Season 13 finale, it appeared that Cragen was set up for a murder.

In February, Paget Brewster announced that she would be leaving the role of Emily Prentiss that she played on Criminal Minds for the last six seasons.

As Law Order: Special Victims Unit enters its 13th season, some critics have accused it of growing stale. Last season the NBC show Community devoted an entire episode to parodying the formulaic plot structure of the show, but Ryan McGee wrote for A.V. Club that the show has excelled in the niche it was created.

He wrote:

“And ‘execution’ is really the name of the game here, especially when character development (the nominal reason to watch even a quarter-length of this program) is the main draw for audiences to return week after week. The format of Law Order turned into a slight parody of itself later on, before producing some of its finest seasons just before cancellation. But here, in its eighth season, everything’s running like a well-oiled machine. What might take another show 12 to 15 episodes to parse out here gets dealt with in a scant 45 minutes.”

Though it hasn’t been determined if Paget Brewster could have a recurring role on Law Order, the show’s tendency to bring back actors from past seasons bodes well for her chances.

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15 Responses to “Paget Brewster Makes The Jump To ‘Law & Order: SVU’”

  1. Brenda Kincaid

    She should have stayed on "Criminal Minds" which is a lot better show. "Law and Order SVU" is not good anymore. They need to cancel it.

  2. Jason Young

    This is actually its 14th season, not to criticize…but then, isn't everyone sick of the constant destructive criticism and nitpicking?

  3. Jason Young

    If they do, it'll be a great loss…everyone is entitled to their opinion, but there's no need for unfair and unjust criticism.

  4. Patricia A Kehr

    I will miss Paget on Criminal Minds but will not give up the show because she is gone. I do not watch the Law & Order SVU series. Best of luck to Paget. She's a good actress and again she will be missed-by me.

  5. Lori Jo Bennett

    that isz great, I think criminal minds has been pretty aweful to its female stars…go get them paget, I am now going to watch you in your new endevors.

  6. Anonymous

    She is on Criminals Minds, she is not on Criminal Minds, she is on Criminal Minds, she is on L&O:SVU… I'm confused! Love her though. :)

  7. Anonymous

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