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Kirk Douglas Doubles Pledge To Skid Row, Gives $10 Million

Kirk Douglas Doubles Pledge To LA Skid Row

Kirk Douglas has doubled his pledge to Los Angeles’s Skid Row to $10 million in support of homeless women, surprising even his wife, for whom he dedicated the pledge.

Kirk and his wife Anne Douglas announced their initial $5 million pledge in July to continue their support of the Anne Douglas Center for Women at the Los Angeles Mission, reports The Sacramento Bee.

Douglas stated that his wife told him when they married 57 years ago that she was determined to do something for her country. The 95-year-old actor, who gave his wife an award on Wednesday for her work with the shelter, stated that she has never stopped. Look to the Stars notes that the actor also told his wife, “Thank you for teaching me that caring is sharing.”

Anne Douglas was surprised by her husband’s generosity, stating during the event that her husband normally can’t keep a secret. This time though, he surprised her, and she thanked him for his “tremendous generosity, which will allow my vision of helping the homeless men and women of Los Angeles.”

Herb Smith, the Los Angeles Mission President, was also surprised by Kirk Douglas’s doubled pledge, saying:

“This wonderful legacy will make it possible to help individuals create their own legacy. It will open great opportunities to begin to solve one of the more intractable problems facing society. We are beyond grateful for the support the Douglas family has shown the Los Angeles Mission.”

Kirk Douglas announced the additional pledge of $5 million during the gala to celebrate the Anne Douglas Center for Women’s 20th anniversary.

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15 Responses to “Kirk Douglas Doubles Pledge To Skid Row, Gives $10 Million”

  1. Dorcie Lacy

    Time to celebrate The Douglas family….. wow….. I am unable to give much to the mission… my family use to sing and visit this mission when we were in the Los Angeles area…. I appreciate that Anne Douglas gives yearly not occasionly….. Trust everyone will follow her example…. these poor families need shoes, underwear. basic necessitities… give until it feels good! Thank you Kirk and Anne and may our heavenly father continue to bless your lives. You are wonderful.

  2. Rose Matthews Auth

    So many things to be impressed with. Longevity of their marriage, their generosity with both time and money. The fact that they make a very real differance in peoples lives. That's what makes people great. What they do, not who they are. Thanks for the smile!

  3. Ember Langley

    thank you for showing you love to others and thanks for all the good old movies you did1111111111111.

  4. Ember Langley

    thank you for showing you love to others and thanks for all the good old movies you did1111111111111.

  5. Diane Lapinski

    Kirk Douglas and his wife, Anne, are pledging $50 million to five nonprofits this week, including a $5 million chunk to St. Lawrence University, from where Douglas graduated in 1939.

    WWNY TV 7 reports that the donations will come through the Douglas Foundation and, in the case of St. Lawrence University, will be the largest endowed scholarship ever made. The money will go towards a scholarship started by the film legend at the University in 1999.

    The Kirk Douglas Scholarship was set up to support students who represent diversity, have financial need and demonstrate excellence in academics and leadership. Previously only available to juniors and seniors, the premier scholarship will now be available to all four classes.

    Kirk and Anne Douglas have lent extensive financial support to the actor’s old school; their latest donation takes their total contributions to St. Lawrence to almost $7.5 million. Back in 2008, the film icon said:

    “I’m giving something back to the school, because I think every person should try to make the world better any way that they can.”.


  6. Johny Bekele

    Douglas family: you've just added your name to eternity! What a class and selfless act! This world will never forget you! Not even after you're gone to your Creator!

  7. Leif Rosenquist

    Well if you read the article, the pledged amount is $10 Million, not $5 Million. Regardless who it's from, and their net worth, it's not a requirement to give to charity. I don't know the net worth of the Douglas', but it sounds like a very worthwhile cause. I can guarantee Kirk Douglas didn't make tens of millions on his films back in the day. He has probably earned his wealth from wise investments. Even if he were worth $200 Million (which I doubt), this would be 5% of his net wealth. Anthony, do you give any strong percentage of your income to charity/others? Or are you just a hater of those who have accomplished more?

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