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Monica Lewinsky Shopping A Tell-All Book

Ms. Lewinsky writes a book

What happens in the Oval Office does not stay in the Oval Office. That was the lesson we all learned back in the 90s from the now-infamous Monica Lewinsky scandal that resulted in the impeachment of then-President Bill Clinton. It is also true that what is buried does not stay buried, a lesson being learned now as the notorious Ms. Lewinsky meets with publishers more than a decade after the incident to shop a tell-all book about her illicit tryst with President Clinton.

President Clinton has been on something of a comeback trail lately, re-entering the political conversation in full-force with a triumphant speech at the Democratic National Convention and a handful of TV spots featuring Mr. Clinton stumping for President Obama. Apparently, Monica Lewinsky wants some attention too, and is jump-starting what remains of her 15 minutes by shopping a “tell-all” book to various publishers, sources tell the New York Post.

Strangely, Lewinsky is pulling a J.J. Abrams with her book, forcing publishers who meet with her to sign non-disclosure agreements to prevent any chatter about the book, reports Newser.

“I’m sure every major publisher was interested in hearing what she had to say,” said the source.

Unfortunately, this means that we can’t actually confirm whether or not the book is actually about the 1998 Bill Clinton scandal involving then-intern Monica Lewinsky. Curiously, Lewinsky has kept a pretty low profile since the scandal, appearing for a couple of interviews here and there, but largely disappearing from the public eye, begging the question: why now?

“I cannot comment on anything at this point,” said a Lewinsky rep.

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8 Responses to “Monica Lewinsky Shopping A Tell-All Book”

  1. Verna Carmon

    Let this Sleeping female dog lie.It misses the media attention, don't think I'd like this part of my life being belched up again.

  2. Urich Iam

    Why spend my hard earned money on trash? If I wanted to, I would go out and buy the Playboy magazine. At least it has some very good interviews alongwith centerfold, I hear.

  3. Stewart Bee

    Bill Clinton has got away with many bad things he did. It's time for him to be punished. Monica, watch out, your life may be in danger for telling the truth. Remember what happened to Vincent Foster? Hilary deserves some blame for protecting an unworthy husband.

  4. Anonymous

    Monica, just forget it! Bill and Hilary are dangerous and evil people. FORGET THEM! We know he ruined your life but forget it! He is still not worth it and it's like opening the whole can of worms up again. Think about it. He is evil, he is not who you think he is or was. He is PURE EVIL!

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