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Sheriff Joe Arpaio Calls Off ‘Birther Fest’ After Public Ticket Sales Show No Interest

Arizonas Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Phoenix, AZ – You can only beat a dead horse so long until it decomposes and you are left swatting at dirt. That was the lesson Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio learned this week after being forced to call off his ‘birther fest’ celebration because of extremely poor ticket sales.

The event, which was organized by the Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots, was schedule for September 22 and would have also featured Pat Boone. Also scheduled to speak at the event was Terry Lakin, a doctor who refused to go to Afghanistan to save soldiers’ lives.

The birther event was scheduled to take place at the 2,650-seat Celebrity Theater in Phoenix.

Tickets to the even were cheap at $10 in advance and $25 if someone wanted to ‘meet and greet’ with Sheriff Joe.

Dubbed “Birtherpalooza” by some media outlets, the cancellation has already spawned the type of ignorant inbred opinions we have come to expect from Sheriff Joe’s biggest supporters and President Obama’s biggest conspiracy nuts. For example, on the event’s Facebook page, one homophobic racist wrote that the event was stopped because Sheriff Joe is:

“TOO DUMB to SEE the MURDERS Barack Obama had his Security Adviser John Brennan commit on Obama’s Gay Lovers in Chicago.”

That must be it; there could be no other reason for cancelling an event like perhaps the fact that people in the general public had no interest in attending an event in which the EXACT same topic would be beaten with a stick for the one millionth time in four short years.

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4 Responses to “Sheriff Joe Arpaio Calls Off ‘Birther Fest’ After Public Ticket Sales Show No Interest”

  1. Dave Francis


    President Obama should he win the election has promised that he would force passage of another Comprehensive Immigration policy. This would then substantiate that both parties would never fully enforce immigration laws, whether going against the U.S. constitution by presidential authority as we saw with passage of the Dream Act. Since the 1986 Simpson/Mazzoli bill signed into law, everything has been compromised by a failure to fully fund the policies. This has been proven by systematic failure to make illegal entry a felony, the fact the real double layer fence doesn’t exist, that the instigators of Sanctuary city ordinances are not punished by ICE and that the Birth instant baby citizenship law hasn’t been amended in the name of saving taxpayers over $100 billion dollars annually.

    America has giant magnetism to people who are drawn here for public programs, that Obama czars have compromised welfare essentially drafted for citizens and lawful immigrants. These illegal entries that skirt our laws know more about our benefit laws than a good many U.S. citizens? This has especially drained the treasury of states run mainly by liberal-Marxist assemblies as California, Nevada, and New York with bloated populations of illegal aliens. Over past decades our nation has been under assault by the poverty of other countries, bringing their unborn babies here to take advantage of a passionate country that in this present climate can no longer afford to feed the world, or offer uncompensated health care. Even more significant is the onslaught of parents and children that lawfully enter our country through Chain Migration.

    These hundreds upon hundreds of billions of dollars should be spent on the legal population, not in harboring foreign nations that continually challenge our laws and succeed with Liberal interpretation of our laws in the courts. Neither Obama nor Romney will enforce immigration laws, but the thorough saturation of TEA PARTY legislators into the Republican Party will have great influence and empowerment to propel the Senate and House into fighting against the Socialistic conspiracy or the GOP elitists who want to keep things as they are?

    Here are a few of the issues that can be altered by the TEA PARTY LEADERSHIP:

    1. The TEA PARTY can force a vote on the ‘Legal Workforce Act’ (E-Verify) and enact it as mandatory in every business nationwide. Those who feel they are not accountable will be looking at hefty fines, loss of assets and even prison. All those who ignore the I-9 audits in not implementing the computer to detect illegal aliens in the workplace will be sanctioned?

    2. The TEA PARTY will force a vote on the ‘Birthright Citizenship Act’ concluding once and for all, that pregnant women can no longer gain citizenship through a misguided loophole for a child, just by slipping past Customs and Immigration Enforcement (ICE) at the border or over staying a visa, leading ultimately to yet another ‘Blanket Amnesty’. What about American teenagers, who have been pushed out of jobs that were the monopoly for our kids a couple of decades back?

    Neither major political party wants a true end to illegal immigration, but the TEA PARTY will insure that citizens and lawful immigrants always get first priority—not pandering to foreign nationals. Incidentally—readers should go to and then judge for yourself if Obama is Liberal friends in the press are concealing the truth?

    ATTN: The TEA PARTY will be safeguarding the nationwide election procedure, watching for non-citizens voting in November. As for Sheriff Joe, if the election for him is not derailed by “Voter Fraud” he will certainly win?

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