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Glenn Beck Returns To TV Tonight

glenn beck

Glenn Beck is heading back to TV.

The controversial television host left the Fox network last year to start his own online network, TheBlaze TV. Beck announced today that he has signed a deal with the Dish Network to put his online television show back on TV.

The NY Times reports that The Blaze TV will remain available on the internet to its 300,000 paying subscribers.

Beck said:

“Our success over the past year has given us the ability to go on traditional television while maintaining complete creative control and freedom and remaining at the center of the Internet revolution.”

Beck left the Fox Network in the summer of 2011. His BlazeTV network has brought in a lot of money for the TV show host, but Beck was only reaching a fraction of the audience that he had at Fox. According to the Huffington Post, Beck had 300,000 subscribers to his online TV show. At Fox, his audience peaked at 3 million viewers a night.

Christopher Balfe, CEO of The Blaze, announced the deal in a blog post.

Balfe writes:

“Our subscribers’ enthusiasm and support has allowed us to make the necessary investments in programming and infrastructure, and we’re now in a position to launch a cable and satellite channel without losing control. We have the best staff, the best talent, world-class facilities and great distribution partners lined up, and we’ve done it all while ensuring that we answer to no one except our own audience.”

Are you excited for Glenn Beck to be back on TV?

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12 Responses to “Glenn Beck Returns To TV Tonight”

  1. Neva Elliott

    I can't wait to see Glenn Beck but I do not see the TV number to find him. Please let me know when he will be on TV and which one as I do not have Dish Network. I am anxious to begin watching his show as I did for all the years he was on Fox. Good luck Glenn. I look forward to watching your TV show…. Neva Elliott, Arlington, Texas.

  2. Anonymous

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  3. Paul Eaton

    Well…hello Miss Neva Lou !!! Your old computer challenged buddy at AHC, Paul Eaton here… miss ya a lot…sorry I missed wishing you happy 30th?? birthday recently but Caron told me about it. Wanted to come by & visit w/ ya but did not want to surprize you… e mail me @ pauleaton111@gmail and lets talk soon! You have been such a blessing to me, Wendi and my family thru these yrs… Paul Crouch

  4. Mary Ann Noel

    I have comcast and can watch Blaze on my computer. they have a free for 14 days for free, and then I purch by the month, like $9 dollars plus.b4 taht I had watched glenn tv on line. theblazetv/the project I think is the site. watch on computer,not tv. hope that helps. If not I will have to come visit you & bring comp along. lol

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