Big Cass Vs. Brock Lesnar?

WWE: If This Big Cass News Is True, Fans Will Be Beside Themselves

Big Cass and Enzo Amore have made quite the impact on the WWE main brand since debuting several weeks ago. Enzo is often seen as the mouthpiece that gets them over on the stick, while Big Cass (real name Colin Cassady) is a big guy who can actually work, thus serving as the ultimate complement to his smaller partner.

So far, the pair have made waves in the WWE’s tag team division, and that’s about to get placed under a massive spotlight as they team up with John Cena to take on AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows (probably) at Battleground.

But Dave Meltzer just raised an intriguing possibility that should have fans of the big guy beside themselves with excitement.

It’s no secret that WWE is very high on Big Cass at the moment. He has a good build, the size McMahon looks for out of a champion, and he’s no slouch either when it comes to talking (he’s hardly S-A-W-F-T on the mic, in other words).

Many within the company believe that he has what it takes to be a solid breakout singles wrestler, so it’s no shock to see that Meltzer, one of wrestling’s most respected journalists, believes that the company has just such a future mapped out.

While Meltzer isn’t quite sure when the WWE will pull the trigger on their plans, there is a chance he could end up facing off — and eventually going over — a very big superstar within the company.

Brock Lesnar.

The topic came up on the MLW Radio podcast this week featuring Court Bauer and Mister Saint Laurent. During the discussion on WWE’s future, Meltzer speculated on the uncertainty surrounding Lesnar and the possibility of him (eventually) putting one of the WWE guys over.

The only problem with that, Meltzer said, is that whoever goes over Brock will have to be a box office draw, and currently, none of the Shield are proving they have what it takes.

“They’ve kept Brock so strong,” Meltzer said, admitting that he no longer knows the company’s feelings on Roman Reigns following his Wellness Policy violation. “I don’t know mentality on Roman. The only guy I see is Cass. People react to him great, and maybe that’s the guy Brock ends up losing to, but that could be in a couple of years.”

What makes this possibility difficult to know is Saturday night’s UFC pay-per-view in which Lesnar squares off against heavy-hitting heavyweight Mark Hunt in UFC 200’s co-main event.

If Brock “loses spectacularly,” Meltzer said, then he’ll probably be locked down to his WWE contract for the rest of the term, and fans could then expect the Beast Incarnate to work at getting some of the younger talents over.

However, if he “wins spectacularly,” Meltzer added, then there is a strong possibility that Brock gravitates more toward MMA.

There is a sense that announcing Randy Orton as Brock’s opponent for SummerSlam will be a way to cash in on Brock’s name and current notoriety without moving the needle too much one way or the other on storylines.

But if Brock loses, then Big Cass could have a big future ahead of him — a future that could come together quickly if the WWE has soured on Roman Reigns and the Shield.

Current ratings don’t really justify keeping Ambrose, Rollins, or Reigns at the top of the card, and with how the audience has accepted Big Cass, this is one of those rare moments where the wants of the fans align with the wants of Vince McMahon.

Do you think Big Cass is ready to take on the Beast Incarnate? Would you see the sense in booking Cassady toward a WrestleMania main event with Lesnar next year? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Image via WWE]