President Obama Isn’t Responsible For The Police Officers Lives Lost In Dallas

The families of the slain officers have yet to process that their loved ones are gone, but that didn’t stop members of the media — in particular, pundits on the political right — from blaming President Obama for the senseless violence. The blame machine reacted so fast that the suspect(s) names were not even released yet, nor was there any understanding of the motivation besides speculation at that point.

However, this didn’t stop former Illinois House Representative Joe Walsh from threatening war against President Obama and Black Lives Matter.

Conservative Ben Ferguson was quick to jump on the blame game too. He lambasted protesters for not stopping a man who was invoking his Second Amendment rights and protesting against police brutality.

Ferguson made an assumption based on the tweet Dallas Police sent out claiming Mark Hughes was a suspect in the shooting of 10 officers.

It turns out, the Dallas Police misidentified Hughes. The police reaction to a man walking around with an AK-15 in the midst of cops being under siege was understandable. However, Ferguson, who works in the media, should have used caution in his reporting. Instead, he had no qualms creating an environment of racism with the typical “fear the black man” rhetoric. Twitter lambasted Ferguson for his ignorance, reminding him open carry applies to black citizens too.

Nothing tops Joe Walsh’s despicable act of inciting violence, but conservative writer Ben Shapiro ranks close. In his recent column “Is Barack Obama Responsible For The Dallas Anti-Cop Terror Attack?” he seems to suggest President Obama is entirely responsible for the deaths of the five police officers in Dallas.

“But now let’s tackle the real question: when is rhetoric responsible for violence? Rhetoric is responsible for violence when it calls for violence. Radical Islam calls for jihad. Protesters chanting ‘pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon’ calls for violence against cops. Barack Obama didn’t call for violence against cops. That said, he did do three things that are particularly despicable: He denied that murder charges require evidence; He denied that charges of racism denied evidence; He ignored the actual cause of anti-cop violence.”

Shapiro’s logic is confusing and not based on facts. One, radical Islamism and the tragic killing of police officers are separate issues. Shapiro’s need to conflate the two is a perfect example of deflection and race baiting. Shapiro is attempting to state President Obama sides with radicals and terrorists instead of the American police force and white Americans. Of course, he tries to do it underhandedly.

My friends, this is what the anti-political correctness movement is all about: Placing blame on the innocent to preserve the racist status quo.

What irks Shapiro the most is that President Obama and liberals are on record as understanding the grievances made by the Black Lives Matter movement in response to police brutality. For people like Shapiro, it’s a crime to incite truth when it doesn’t benefit the status quo.

“This isn’t the first time such questions have been raised about leftist anti-cop rhetoric. After the death of Eric Garner in New York City in 2014, New York Mayor Bill De Blasio echoed Obama’s message: ‘We are dealing with centuries of racism that brought us to his day.’ Obama promptly called De Blasio to thank him. De Blasio bragged that he had met Obama at the White House, and said that he had told his son, who is black, ‘about the dangers he may face’ from police. Days later, two police officers in New York City were murdered in cold blood by a black criminal who pledged to put ‘wings on pigs’ on social media. The NYPD turned their backs on De Blasio when he attended the funeral for one of the officers.”

Anyone who dares to speak out against the unquestionable illogical behavior of some police officers is the enemy in the eyes of some on the right. It irks conservatives like Shapiro, Walsh, and Ferguson that African Americans and President Obama dare to discuss systematic racism against people of color and to demand action, accountability, and change. Far too many conservatives believe cops, particularly white cops, are untouchable like Jesus. In this world, one is never to question the tactics of police officers. Never mind the statistics that prove cops are killing unarmed and often complying black men and women at an alarming rate.

The truth is that people who are given everything want to perverse the privilege. Thus, they will ignore the facts, the truth, the pain, and the hate of communities victimized time and time again by a system sworn to protect and serve all citizens, yet don’t.

The Black Lives Matter movements do not condone violence in any shape, including against the police. President Obama doesn’t condone violence against police officers either, such as the violence against officers protecting demonstrators in Dallas.

“…vicious, calculated, despicable attack.”

Sadly, for Shapiro, Walsh, and Ferguson, they prefer divisiveness over uniting in times of strife and real pain.

[Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images]