European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker

Aliens In Control Of The EU? Extraterrestrials Are Worried About Brexit, EU Chief Jean-Claude Juncker ‘Confesses’ [Video]

A video that appears to show the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker admitting that leaders of extra-terrestrial civilizations have called to express concern about UK’s Brexit threat has gone viral in the conspiracy theory blogosphere.

A copy of the video, uploaded online on July 3, 2016, by the UFO hunter, Mars Moon Space TV, shows the President of the European Commission speaking at the European Parliament in Brussels on June 28, 2016. He appears to inform members of the European Parliament that leaders of extra-terrestrial civilizations were following the Brexit issue very closely and voicing concern about it.

“You should be made aware that those following recent developments from afar are very concerned,” the EU chief said. “I have had discussions with leaders from other planets and they are deeply concerned about the path that the EU is following.”

“We must act to reassure Europeans as well as those observing the EU affairs from afar,” he added.

The European Commission president’s comments sparked furious online debate as astonished viewers struggled to make sense of it.

“I have had meetings with leaders from other planets and they are deeply concerned about the path EU is following.”

Conspiracy theorists insisted the video proves the EU chief holds regular meetings with leaders of extra-terrestrial civilizations. Alien and UFO believers drew the attention of skeptics to the absence of a visible reaction from the audience when the EU chief talked about “leaders from other planets.” Conspiracy theorists argued it proves that members of the European Parliament were already aware that the EU has contact with extra-terrestrial civilizations.

“Yes! He said ‘leaders of other planets’ and no one around him reacted — weird!” a YouTube user named Clarity commented.

But some skeptics pointed out that the EU leader was speaking in the French language and that the subtitling in English may have misrepresented his exact words. The suggestion sparked a debate on the accuracy of the English subtitling.

Several French-speaking viewers insisted that the English subtitling was accurate.

“The subtitles are correct,” YouTube user Clarity, who claimed to be French-speaking, commented in response to queries from non-French-speaking viewers.

But another viewer, who also claimed to be French-speaking, insisted that the English subtitling was inaccurate.

“I think he said ‘autour de la planète’ not ‘d’autres planètes,’ so he was probably just saying ‘around the planet’ not ‘of other planets,'” YouTube user Randyll Ironball commented.

Claims that he said “around the planet” and not “of other planets” sparked a fresh debate among French-speaking viewers on YouTube.

ET watches Earth
Are aliens are upset about Brexit?

“French is my mother tongue and [I can] confirm that he said ‘leaders from other planet,'” YouTube user Crepeaunutella insisted.”He did not try to correct himself and was quite explicit. The term planet can’t be mistaken… country and planet cannot be swapped easily [in French].”

Some skeptics argued that the EU chief’s reference to “leaders from other planets” may have been a slip of the tongue. Several viewers suggested he had meant to say “world [planet Earth] leaders” and not “leaders of other planets.”

But other viewers dismissed the “slip of the tongue” argument, saying there was no doubt the EU leader was referring to extra-terrestrials because he made reference to “people from far away” and “from other planets” multiple times in his speech

“The most surprising thing is that I’m French, and I heard him saying it three times in a row that people from far way, then from other planets, then again people from far away,” YouTube user Kekelinks said.

“For those who don’t speak French, I can assure you that he is talking about something not from this planet.”

“No chance he misspoke,” Kekelinks continued. “I’m sure of what he said. He is reading his own speech that he prepared on his paper, so he is fully aware of what he is talking about: he clearly mentioned people from other planets that are looking at us far away.”

Yet another French-speaking YouTube user, Myrage187, supported Kekelinks, insisting that Juncker’s reference to “leaders of other planets” was clear and unambiguous.

“No… I am French and he is really clear. He is definitely clearly speaking about extraterrestrial civilizations here… and it doesn’t sound like a joke for sure.”

A few skeptics pointed out that the transcript of the speech uploaded online does not have the words “leaders of other planets” but simply “other leaders.”

UFO believers reacted swiftly, saying that the transcript had been edited.

Some attempted to exonerate Juncker, saying that because he is not a native speaker of the French language he may have “mixed up words.”

Junker’s native language is Luxembourgish, but he speaks three other European languages — French, German, and English.

Other skeptics alleged that Juncker has a reputation for erratic behavior and drunkenness, and he may have been intoxicated at the time he gave the speech. The video below shows an incident in which Juncker appeared to behave erratically and was allegedly drunk.

In a comment on his UFO Sightings Daily blog, UFO blogger Scott C. Waring summarized the consensus among UFO believers.

“It sounds like he was trying to hint at the others around him that he has inside information that they don’t,” the conspiracy theorist wrote. “That he is trying to tell them the truth that he does consult with off world presidents and has constant communication with them.”

But this is not the first time that a statement credited to a senior European official has sparked conspiracy theory speculation online.

The Inquisitr reported in February 2015 that a statement made in May 2014 by the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, claiming the world had only “500 days to avoid climate chaos,” sparked wild speculation and rumor-mongering, with doomsday prophets saying the global elite were hinting an apocalyptic asteroid impact was imminent (see video below).

Although skeptics argued that the minister was only expressing hope that the UN climate conference scheduled for November 2015 in France would achieve a major breakthrough, doomsday prophets claimed the statement supported predictions of a massive asteroid impact event in September 2015.

The hysteria generated by the asteroid apocalypse fear-mongering began to subside only after September 2015 passed without an incident.

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