Cersei Lannister gets diagnosis.

What’s Wrong With Cersei Lannister? Psychologist Diagnoses Game Of Thrones Matriarch [SPOILERS]

Cersei Lannister. She’s beautiful. She’s also cold, calculating, ruthless, and had a relationship so intimate with her own twin brother that she gave birth to three children by him.

SPOILER ALERT: This article does contain some information about Season 6 of Game of Thrones. So if you haven’t finished watching it and, by some miracle, haven’t read any other spoilers on the internet, stop reading now.

So, back to Cersei — something must be going on there, right?

Fans of Game of Thrones either love Cersei for being exactly what she is — a ruthless, determined queen who simply wants to burn it all to the ground, or else they hate her for being the exact same thing others love her for — being a ruthless, determined queen who wants to burn it all to the ground.

But whether you are on Team Cersei or actively rooting against her, at some point, as you have watched her dominate the television screen on Game of Thrones, surely you’ve wondered, “What is going on inside that woman’s head?”

Again, she had three children by her brother, in case you need a reminder that there must be something wrong with Cersei Lannister.

According to the Huffington Post, a Reddit user, claiming to be a clinical psychologist, delved into Cersei Lannister’s psyche and offered some professional insight into what may be going on inside that pretty, blonde, cold, calculating head of hers.

The diagnosis? Classic narcissist.

Of course, the good doctor included a disclaimer about the problems with “diagnosing” a fictional character.

“Psychiatric disorders are complex and mysterious classifications of human minds, and the minds of fictional characters are not real. Therefore, what I’m doing here is just loosely applying these terms to a character who simply displays the behaviors and characteristics of a particular diagnostic label that we use for real people.”

The biggest mistake fans — and non-fans — make about Cersei Lannister is believing that Cersei is actually motivated by genuine love, whether that love is for her brother (who is also her lover), or the love of her children. But in reality, if Cersei Lannister is a classic narcissist, and so she does not experience “love” in a normal way. She may only care about family members because she sees them as mere extensions of herself.

“Cersei is a classic narcissist. As such, she lacks the ability to truly empathize with others. Despite this obvious reality, people seem to be falling into the trap of thinking that Cersei really does genuinely love her brother and her (late) children. While she certainly says that she does quite a bit, and while her behavior may seem to suggest that she does, it is highly unlikely that such a narcissistic character is capable of true love.”

With that little bit of knowledge, suddenly the fact that the only man she has ever really “loved” is, in fact, her twin brother — the one person who is genetically closest to her — makes a strange sort of twisted sense.

This explains why Cersei is in love with her brother.
Cersei and Jamie have always been pretty close… [Image via HBO]

“They are her blood, and they share a part of her. As such, they must be perfect, like she is. In fact, Cersei isn’t even capable of loving someone who isn’t herself. Her one true love in life is her twin, who looks just like her (…) Loving one’s twin is the ultimate form of self-love, and it is sort of a perfect embodiment of what it means to be narcissistic. As soon as Jamie departed in the first season, she was sleeping with her cousin who, again, was just another extension of herself. She can’t even bare to not have sex with herself during Jamie’s departure.”

So, in a way, Cersei Lannister is motivated by love — but it’s love of herself, since those she loves are seen as mere extensions of herself.

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