Tour not selling out

Gwen Stefani Trying To Sell Tickets To Tour Desperately, Singer Blindsided Due To Love?

Gwen Stefani has been living the life with her new beau and her adorable family. The singer has shared how all of the highs and lows of her past year resulted in what is now her This Is What the Truth Feels Like album and tour. Stefani admits to being at her most vulnerable while writing and recording for the album, and the album was released to a mediocre response. However, it’s a whole other story when it comes to the entertainer’s tour.

Reports are flying that Gwen is desperate to sell tickets for her show seeing as the sales thus far are dismal. Direct Lyrics reports about the tactics of desperation that are being used to fill the seats at Gwen’s shows.

“Live Nation sent out an email to all subscribers this Friday morning saying that from today July 1st until July 4th there would be a special deal regarding Gwen’s new tour which kicks off on July 12th in Mansfield, Massachusetts. The deal is: pay $40 and get 4 tickets! That’s right..$10 per ticket!!! *faints*. Do you realize that’s actually cheaper than the price of Gwen’s actual ‘This Is What the Truth Feels Like’ album on Target? (the deluxe edition costs 13 dollars there). [sic]”

It seems that Gwen and her record label, Interscope Records, massively overestimated how successful Stefani would be with a return to the music scene after such a long hiatus. With all the drama that surrounded the star involving her divorce from Gavin Rossdale and a new romance with country singer Blake Shelton, not to mention her time in the spotlight on The Voice, it was expected that fans would be on the blonde bombshell’s side and flock to the singer’s concerts.

Unfortunately, the long absence from the music scene has taken its toll on Gwen’s performance career. The publication shares the sad fact and reminds as to how Stefani once was able to pack the house.

“I mean, there’s no denying that between the No Doubt hits and the bangers from her first two solo albums, Gwen can definitely put on a great concert, but sadly the long hiatus has taken its toll on her. Music lovers have just lost hype with respect to Gwen Stefani. “

As suggested, it would have been wise for Gwen and her label to realize that working back up to the big time would have to be the best route to take. Starting with theater tours this time around would have made it much easier to sell out.

Perhaps Gwen was not thinking straight while she was flying high on love due to how smitten she is with her new man, Blake. The singer not only wrote songs on her album about her ex, Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale, but she also managed to squeeze in some sentimental ditties that she has admitted to being about Blake Shelton. One such song includes “Make Me Love You.” The two are clearly the perfect match, as People reminds.

The couple has also taken to making music together, quite literally. Blake and Gwen wrote the song “Go Ahead and Break My Heart,” which they then performed for all to witness their undeniable chemistry while at the Billboard Music Awards last month. The way Blake gazes at Gwen makes it clear that the two are invested in one another and are considering serious moves for their future. Rumors of weddings and babies keep making the rounds, but for now the two appear content in their romance that has quickly made them one of the hottest couples at the moment. It’s no wonder Gwen Stefani may have made a mix-up when deciding on tour venues. She is likely feeling on top of the world and like she can sell out every stadium the world over with Blake Shelton on her arm.

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