Ibi Roncaioli, Joseph Roncaioli: Doctor Stuck Wife With Poison Needle For Giving $5 Million In Lottery Money To Secret Son On ID’s ‘Your Number’s Up’

Ibi Roncaioli, the Hungary-born Canadian wife who won the $5 million lottery and was later poisoned by her husband, Joseph Roncaioli, over a decade ago, will be the focus of an upcoming episode of Your Number’s Up, the new Investigation Discovery TV crime series which debuted last week. This week’s episode, titled, “Fate’s Cruel Hand,” will detail the crumbling life of a lotto winner who is found dead in her upscale mansion. What at first looks like death from natural causes turns out to be a case of murder by poison administered by someone close to home.

Anyone who knew Dr. Joseph Roncaioli, 71, and his wife, Ibi Roncaioli, 66, say they thought they were a happy older couple. Already rich, due to Dr. Roncaioli’s gynecological practice in Thornhill, which brought in around $20,000 monthly, the couple became even richer after Ibi Roncaioli won the Canadian lottery for $5 million dollars, according to CTV-News Toronto.

No one would have guessed that Ibi was keeping a lifetime of secrets — secrets so private and so explosive that she used gambling, smoking, and drinking as a way to soothe her ills.

When detectives received a call that the rich doctor’s wife was found dead on the sofa of her mansion in Vaughn, Ontario, it appeared to be a death caused by bad living and lack of self care.

However, an autopsy report found no signs of damage to her body due to alcoholism or any other illness indicative of death by natural causes.

An examination of Ibi Roncaioli’s body revealed that the troubled wife and mother did have needle marks and a toxic level of deadly drugs in her system. When asked about the marks, Dr. Roncaioli finally admitted to sticking her with a needle but only to confirm her bad health, according to Canadian court records.

“On the day of her death, he had injected his wife with the two anesthetics. He said that he was trying to draw blood to run tests on her because of her declining health and wanted to alleviate any pain she might otherwise suffer. He maintains, however, that he injected her with only therapeutic amounts of the anesthetics, not the toxic amounts found in her body. He claims that she injected herself with what proved to be the fatal doses.”

Dr. Joseph Roncaioli was charged in his wife’s death and was eventually convicted of manslaughter in 2008. He was only sentenced to seven years in prison.

A Marriage On The Rocks

Records show that the Roncaiolis were married for 30 years, but the marriage was tormented with problems. They were no longer sleeping together and didn’t seem to like each other, according to Ibi Roncaioli’s son, who told the courts that his mother was a heavy drinker. The son, Joseph Roncaioli, Jr., also indicated that Ibi Roncaioli was mean and dark when she drank, Euro-Millions reports.

“They needed each other, but they didn’t like each other. She was a mean drunk. Some people get gay and giggly when they drink. My mother was was on the dark side when she drank. She could be normal one second and out of it the next. The lottery was a small part of the picture. “It just blew my mind that it was all gone.”

Authorities believe that Dr. Roncaioli became furious with Ibi once he found out that she had spent their life savings and the lottery cash that she won in the 1990s. Most of the lottery money went to her three sons, including one child before her marriage to Joseph Roncaioli and a secret son that Joseph Roncaioli knew nothing about.

The death of lottery winner Ibi Roncaioli is listed among many true-stories of cursed lottery winners. You can watch her story tonight on Your Number’s Up at 10/9 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery (ID). Not long ago, Inquisitr brought you the tragic tale of millionaire lottery winner Jeffrey Dampier.

[Image via Nam Y. Huh/AP]