Indianapolis Have No ‘Luck’ In Opening Day 41-21 Loss To Chicago Bears

James Johnson

Andrew Luck threw more interceptions than TDs and Jay Cutler proved that his broken thumb has been rehabilitated as the Chicago Bears claimed a 41-21 win over the Indianapolis Colts in their opening season game.

Unlike seasons past, the Chicago Bears renewed offense didn’t count on the team’s defensive corp. for added points, instead putting all 41 points on the board.

The Bears looked like the offense of old at the start of the game as Jay Cutler was sacked on several occasions leading to a punt followed by an interception for a touchdown and a second interception under pressure.

The game turned around for the Bears after Cutler changed momentum with a 13-yard completion from Cutler to Brandon Marshall after completing just five of his first 15. Forte then dashed 32-yards, which was followed by a pass-interference call. Forte then dashed 15-yards to the 1-yard line before Michael Bush punched through the defense for a 7-7 tie.

While Jay Cutler tried to connect with Brandon Marshall on five of his first 12 attempts, he quickly began to utilize his other targets, helping the Bears put 287 total yards on the board by halftime.

The Bears were helped along by Brandon Marshall, who had 119 yards and a touchdown in his first Cutler reunited game. Matt Forte added 80 yards on the ground with a TD and 40 more yards on the receiving end.

Cutler ended the game with 333 yards and two touchdowns.

On the other end of the field, NFL No. 1 draft pick Andrew Luck was 23 of 45 with 309 yards and one 4-yard touchdown in his first regular season NFL match up. Luck was also intercepted three times, twice by the Chicago Bears’ Tim Jennings.

The Indianapolis Colts drafted Andrew Luck after allowing Pro-Bowler Peyton Manning to head over to the Denver Broncos. Team executives have admitted that building a strong offense and defense around Andrew Luck is critical to their future successes.