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Stephanie March: ‘Why I Got Breast Implants — And Removed Them’ [Photos]

Stephanie March can be seen in before-and-after photos throughout this article, with March as she appeared prior to getting breast implants, during the time she had breast implants, and after Stephanie had those breast implants removed. As reported by the Inquisitr, March has been through plenty of drama in recent years. First, Elyse Tirrell — 28-years-old at the time — was accused of having an affair with Stephanie’s ex-husband, celebrity chef Bobby Flay. The then 40-year-old March said that Flay had carried on a three-year affair with Elyse, as Stephanie claimed that Tirrell acted nervous around her during that time.

breast implants
Stephanie March before breast implants on September 4, 2013 [Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images]
However, Tirrell wasn’t the only woman in Flay’s life, according to Stephanie. March also said that January Jones was one of the three women that Bobby allegedly had sex with during his 10-year marriage to March.

Now Stephanie is telling the world how all of that divorce drama had an impact upon March’s decision to get breast implants in August of 2014. In a poignant essay published by Refinery 29, Stephanie described how she learned that getting breast implants when she was 39-years-old was the wrong decision for March because her body ended up revolting against the breast implants.

Although Stephanie notes that the FDA claims adverse conditions from breast implants happen in 1 percent of breast implant patients, the growing [Warning: graphic photos likely] #explantation and #explant movement on social media seems to suggest more women like March have discovered their breast implants have caused them problems.

Those who consider getting their breast implants removed or have already gotten their breast implants removed have been documenting their journeys on social media sites like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

March admitted that the weight of her own health issues, her marriage falling apart — as well as Stephanie’s mother being diagnosed with cancer and moving in with March — caused Stephanie to drop 15 pounds. Since Stephanie felt like she couldn’t control her life, she delved into getting breast implants as a coping mechanism.

breast implants
Stephanie March on October 22, 2014, after breast implant surgery [Photo by Scott Gries/Invision for Discovery/AP Images]
March wrote that her body was thin and her breasts were full after getting breast implants, an outcome that only seemed to last with positivity until the breast implants became infected.

“That is, until one morning in early October when I sat up in bed and felt a sickening wet mucus sliding down my chest. It was everywhere, soaking my shirt and the sheets. My right implant was infected and the seams of the scar on my right breast had burst. I raced to my surgeon’s office. He shot me full of anesthesia, deftly removed the entire implant, cleaned and packed the wound, and immediately sent me to an infectious disease doctor.”

“I had a hole in my breast for 6 weeks while I blasted my body with antibiotics. I had the implant put back in. I had another infection and rupture on Christmas Eve. I had it taken out again. I had more cultures and tests and conversations with doctors than I care to recall.”

“All of them came to the same conclusion: My surgeon was, and is, a superlative doctor and a conscientious practitioner. His work and operating theater are immaculate. The problem wasn’t something anyone could have prevented or predicted — it was that I am allergic to implants.”

The top photo above shows Stephanie approximately one year after her breast implants were removed. March wore a silver gown when she attended the 2016 Joyful Revolution Gala, on Tuesday, May 10, in New York.

Overall, March reasoned that her experimentation with breast implants was over by April of 2015 — the day she told her surgeon to take them out. March made sure to instruct the cosmetic surgeon to give her cute breasts after her breast implants were taken out since new folks would be seeing them after the demise of her marriage.

[Photo by Andy Kropa/Invision/AP Images]