Alfonso Ribiero Dead On Twitter, But Carlton Is Alive And Well

Alfonso Ribiero Dead On Twitter, But Carlton Is Alive And Well In Real Life

Alfonso Ribiero is dead, joining Morgan Freeman, Bill Nye, Adam Sandler, and close to a dozen other celebrities who have fallen victim to internet rumors of their demise.

But Fresh Prince of Bel Air fans don’t need to worry, because the actor who played Carlton is alive and well and seems to be enjoying his death hoax, Zap 2 It reported. Alfonso Ribiero, who gained fame for playing Will Smith’s dorky cousin in the 90s — and for creating some pretty memorable dance moves — had a Facebook memorial page set up recently that drew attention from a lot of concerned fans.

The page blew up, gaining scores of likes and comments, but just like the page dedicated to Morgan Freeman this one was all made up. A lot of people were fooled by it, the blog Fashion & Style reported.

Fans of Carlton Banks went into mourning over his supposed death, tweeting message of sympathy and using the hashtag #RIP. Even some of Alfonso Ribiero’s friends were tricked, flooding his phone with calls.

Alfonso Ribiero’s death hoax followed a similar pattern to Morgan Freeman’s just a few days before. For whatever reason, someone decided to create a fake Facebook page dedicated to the memory of the supposed dead celebrity, prompting scores of gullible people to join the page and allow the rumor to spread like wildfire across the internet.

Alfonso Ribiero was out of town on Thursday after the MTV Video Music Awards, but tweeted to let his fans know that he is still among the living.

Luckily he won’t have to find out, because Alfonso Ribiero is sticking around a bit longer.