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Jesus Followers Take Note: The Name Of Jesus Christ Banned As “Offensive” In Colorado Springs

The name of Jesus Christ is sacred to billions of Christ followers around the world, and yet the Mountain Metro Transit and the city of Colorado Springs have recently determined that the name of Jesus Christ is offensive. A pastor who has been advertising for Jesus Christ on bus benches for the past 3 years has been told, in no uncertain terms, that when his contract is up in July, he will not be able to renew the contract if he plans to use “Jesus” in the message.

In a country where free speech is, supposedly, one of our intrinsic rights, it is shocking to realize that a city has banned the name of Jesus from its public transportation benches. The reason Colorado Springs has decided not to allow the name of Jesus Christ on their benches is even more ridiculous. One person — just one person — complained about the “Jesus Is Lord” advertisement on one of the bus benches.

As one can see from the following tweet, the message is simple and clean. Past ads were simple as well, inviting passersby to “Experience Jesus” or “Celebrate Jesus.”

Interestingly enough, some of the other companies that buy ads on the same benches are much more graphic, and likely more offensive, especially to children, as can be seen by this ad from HellScream Haunted House.

The Colorado Springs public transportation seat shows a variation of the haunted house sign shown above, with huge green monster’s hands gripping the sides of the bench. The actual product is featured on the Street Media Group’s webpage, the last picture in a slideshow of ads.

Charis Christian Center pastor, Lawson Perdue, said Mountain Metro Transit told him they would not renew his advertising contract in July if he continued to use the name of Jesus, because it is offensive, after one person complained about it, reports the Gazette. Apparently, if they allow Jesus Christ to be pasted on their property willy-nilly, they must also allow hateful messages.

Pastor Perdue says the Christian Center currently has a total of 20 benches that state “Jesus Is Lord.” According to Charisma News, the name of Jesus Christ has been banned because the city does not want to deal with hate messaging. Pastor Perdue explains exactly what happened.

“I asked the city person, ‘Why are you not allowing me to advertise the name of Jesus?’ She said, ‘Because if you use name of Jesus in ads, then we must allow hate messaging.’

“I said, ‘Ma’am, the name of Jesus is in no way representing hate messaging.'”

The Charis Christian Center pastor plans to fight the battle in court, up to and including the Supreme Court, if necessary.

“This is plainly censorship, plainly not freedom of speech or freedom of religion. [My case] is so basic, it’s so basic. What the city is quoting… well, they are showing favoritism. I paid for ads, I bought space, and the name of Jesus not a hate message. I don’t know what’s wrong with them.”

What do you think of the ban on the name of Jesus Christ due to one complaint? If Mountain Metro Transit had one complaint on any of its other benches, would those be banned as well?

The city of Colorado Springs is currently reviewing the matter to determine whether or not the Jesus Christ ads can remain. In the meantime, until the review has been completed, the “Jesus Is Lord” signs will be allowed.

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