mom finds stuffed monkey on ebay

Nebraska Boy Loses Beloved Stuffed Monkey On Vacation, Dedicated Mom Finds It Three Years Later On eBay [Video]

Little Liam learned there is nothing like a mother’s love when his mommy searched for three years to find his most prized possession; a stuffed blue monkey. In 2009, the Nebraska boy lost Ah-ah, a present from his grandparents, while on a family vacation to the Rocky Mountains National Park. The child and the monkey were once again reunited when the stuffed critter was found in the Lost Loves Toy Chest eBay store.

Liam was devastated after losing his beloved pal, prompting his parents to retrace their steps and search for the plush primate everywhere they had been earlier in the day, according to Yahoo News. A video of the tearful reunion between boy and toy posted on Hypervocal by the child’s father is incredibly heartwarming.

eBay store owner, Tammy Staveley, had this to say to the New York Daily News about her role in the monkey rescue:

“I’m just happy that they found it. I’m so glad that I could help. I’ve been in that position and I know that the item is basically priceless, you can’t sleep, the child’s crying.”

Although Liam’s mother was not 100 percent positive that the plush blue animal was actually the same one lost during the Rocky Mountains National Park visit, she whipped out her credit card and placed the order. The $29.99 plus shipping expenditure turned out to be a worthwhile endeavor. Once the Lost Loves Toy Chest package arrived and was thoroughly inspected, the mommy became a hero. The plush animal had the same singed mark on his head and a clipped tag just like Ah-ah did when he was last seen.