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Obama Buys The Word ‘Literally’ On Twitter

Vice President Joe Biden literally says the word literally a lot. The VP used the word so frequently during his speech at the Democratic National Convention that President Obama’s campaign team has decided to purchase the word on Twitter.

So what does that mean?

According to the Washington Post, if you search for the word “literally” on Twitter you’ll see a promoted tweet from Barack Obama.

USA Today notes that the purchase of “literally” on Twitter is a defensive move since several people on the social networking site have been mocking Biden for his love of the word. Now, when someone tries to poke fun at the Vice President, they’ll see a promoted tweet from the president.

According to the Daily Caller, Biden used the word nine times during his 40-minute speech.

Biden said:

“In the first days, literally the first days that we took office, General Motors and Chrysler were literally on the verge of liquidation.”

He also literally used the word incorrectly a few times.

Biden said:

“The American people who literally stood on the brink of a new depression”

Do you think this is a good social marketing strategy?