The creepy "Hug Me" jacket

Creepy ‘Hug Me’ Jacket Will Fill That Lonely Void Of Human Comfort For A Price

Hollywood isn’t the only one running out of ideas. A rare and strange item debuted in the fashion world this week, and is taking the internet by storm. Meet the “Hug Me” jacket: A completely un-creepy and not-nightmarish winter coat that definitely doesn’t look like it was designed by H.R. Giger.

The “Hug Me” jacket, designed by up-and-coming Macanese fashion designer Si Chan, features a row of clasped hands in the front, meant to give the impression that the wearer is being “hugged” from behind, meaning that we were patently wrong when we assumed that the coat is meant to give the impression that the wearer is being held down and strangled by a small gang of green aliens. Chan wants the coat to make the wearer feel “warm and hugged,” arguing that “Everybody needs love, don’t they?” So if they can’t get it from other human beings, all they need to do is buy the “Hug Me” for a bit of comfort.

Chan also says that the hugging hands are meant to symbolize the tools humans use to “express love” and “depart from loneliness.”

Tell me how to feel about this, internet.

Jarrett Bellini of CNN calls the coat “comical,” deadpans “it’s actually more of a parka,” and that the “Hug Me” is most suitable for “kinky, 10-handed alien roleplay.”

Hazel Chua of OhGizmo said “there are just some designs that are so ridiculous, that they’re almost good. Almost,” arguing “It’ll keep you warm, all right, but I doubt it’ll be able to make you feel loved at all.”

Still, Chan has big plans for the “Hug Me” jacket. The one you see up top is just the prototype, and the final version is expected to retail at about $1,200, meaning that purchasing the “Hug Me” to fill the void of human physical comfort will officially be twice as expensive that the median cost of prostitute solicitation in most states, albeit more ethical. Okay, I made that prostitution statistic up on the spot, but you get my point, right?

Would you buy the ever-so-creepy “Hug Me” jacket?

Creepy "Hug Me" jacket

I love his face. He doesn't look very loved at all.