President Obama Twitter Threat

North Carolina Man Arrested After Tweeting ‘Lee Harvey Oswald’ Threat Against Obama

If you want to kill President Obama, using Twitter to tweet your frustration is a very bad idea. That lesson was learned the hard way this week by North Carolina resident Donte Jamar Sims. In his Twitter threat the Charlotte, NC man said he would like to “Hit president Obama with that Lee Harvey Oswald swagg.”

The comment was made just one day before the Democratic National Convention was set to start in Charlotte.

Sims then went on to specifically say he was going to assassinate President Obama, bragging that he would get away with it even with the Secret Service protecting the President of the United States.

Even as his followers told him that an arrest was likely, Sims continues to claim he would be ignored. On Wednesday, Secret Service officers showed up at the 21-year-old’s home. As the Secret Service agents read his tweets outloud, Sims reportedly laughed.

After he was hauled away in handcuffs, his bad boy persona apparently wavered, and Donte Sims quickly penned an apology letter to President Obama.

While Sims might not appreciate President Barack Obama, he is apparently a big fan of First Lady Michelle Obama, referring to her as “sexy as hell.”

The apology letter was not enough to get Sims out of jail. The Obama threatening tweeter will face a hearing next week; in the meantime, he’ll remain in federal custody.

On the one hand, threatening the POTUS’ life on Twitter is extremely stupid; on the other hand, when criminals are stupid, it makes hunting them down and arresting them much easier.

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