Florida State Huge Spread Over Savannah State

Florida State Favored By Record Spread In Savannah State Game

Here’s a spread that might be too good for some gamblers to pass up. On Saturday sixth-ranked Florida State will take on Savannah State of the lower-tier Football Championship Subdivision and Florida State has been handed a 70½ points spread.

That spread was set by Cantor Gaming which provides betting lines for seven Las Vegas casinos. At that number the game has the largest spread in sport betting history.

To put that record breaking spread into perspective, if Savannah loses in a shutout with a final score of 70-0 people who bet on Savannah with the spread will win some cold hard cash.

Speaking of the incredibly high sperad vice president of race and sports risk management at Cantor Gaming Mike Colbert told Fox Sports:

“In 10 years, this is the highest number I’ve ever put up. Obviously, it’s the highest number that’s ever been put up. When you’re dealing with a game that’s 70½, there’s a lot of variables.”

One staff member had suggested a 66 point spread while another suggested 79 points.

The spread comes after Florida State plowed over Murray State 69-3 during last weekends season opener. Savannah State would go on to lose on the same day to No. 19 Oklahoma State with a final score of 84-0.

According to Colbert:

“In our power rankings, we make Florida State a better team than Oklahoma State. Our power rankings actually say that Florida State is going to win by 80. But you can’t make the number that high because it’s not just the players on the field you’re handicapping. It’s backups. Will they take their foot off the gas?”

Point spreads typically fluctuate leading up to a game based on various variables including the health of players and playing conditions. Since going live the 70 1/2 point spread however has remained fairly constant.

Given the lopsided match up I can’t say I am surprised by the spread but I do feel bad for the guys at Savannah State who are simply hoping to avoid a 70 1/2 point loss to prove naysayers wrong.