John Clayton's 'This Is Sportscenter' Commercial Could Be ESPN's Funniest Ever

John Clayton’s ‘This Is Sportscenter’ Commercial Could Be ESPN’s Funniest Ever [Video]

John Clayton’s “This is Sportscenter” commercial could be the funniest one ever produced by ESPN, and that’s saying a lot for an advertising series that once featured a dancing Gheorghe Muresan.

The commercial features Clayton doing one of his many live spots for Sportscenter as an NFL analyst extraordinaire, and as soon as it finishes he rips off his false shirt to reveal a ripped t-shirt and a rocking ponytail. And apparently instead of a studio, Clayton is broadcasting from a messy room in his mom’s house.

The John Clayton “This is Sportcenter” video is surprisingly close to the NFL expert’s real life, the Seattle Post Intelligencer reports. He does live in the hard-rocking Seattle area, having moved there in the 1980s when he began covering the Seahawks for the Tacoma News Tribune. And he actually does many of his radio and television segments from his Eastside home.

But he is not really all that close to his hard-rocking, pony-tailed alter ego on the “This is Sportscenter” commercial, the report states. John Clayton is like “an odd-looking superhuman wearing a suit” as he juggles work between differnet ESPN outlets, carrying multiple cell phones for his work.

As USA Today notes, the commercial also puts an end to the questions surrounding John Clayton’s hair. Apparently there had been speculation that behind the balding front Clayton hid a ponytail in the back, but Deadspin determined that it’s really just the beginnings of a mullet.

Here is John Clayton’s “This is Sportcenter” commercial:

Here are some of the other “This is Sportscenter” classics from the past, compiled by a fan:

So what do you think, is John Clayton’s “This is Sportscenter” commercial the funniest of all time?