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Miley Cyrus Poses For First Short Hair Photoshoot On New Website

Miley Cyrus is completely embracing her new look. The former Disney star posed for her first photo shoot with her new short hair as part of the unveiling of her new website.

E! Online reports that Cyrus’ new online community will give the singer a platform to share news, music, photos, and videos. Cyrus has already posted “The Backyard Sessions,” a video of her band performing in her backyard, and a series of photos featuring the singer’s new haircut.

Cyrus writes:

“Welcome to my brand new website! will be the destination for updates on everything that I’m working on including my new record! Enjoy!”

The site has only been live for a few days but the singer seems intent on making it the go to destination for everything Miley. The singer, who is currently at the MTV VMA awards, posted some behind the scene photos from the award show. So if following Miley on Twitter isn’t enough for you, well, now you have

The highlight of the site so far is the set of photos that Miley posted of her with her new hair. Cyrus caused an internet meltdown earlier this month when she chopped off her locks in favor of a much more radical shorter hairstyle.

Here are some of the photos from

miley cyrus short hair photoshoot for

You can see the complete photoshoot at

Are you a fan of Miley Cyrus? Do you like her new haircut?

Here’s a video from the “Backyard Sessions.”