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Missouri Woman Allegedly High On Bath Salts Runs Naked Through A Park

missouri woman bath salts

Springfield, MO – Samantha J. Edwards stripped off all her clothes and ran through a community park while high on bath salts. The nude run through Jordan Valley Ice Park was the second for the Springfield woman. Witnesses say that after jumping on top of a maintenance building, the young woman threw her bra onto a walking path and displaced her lady parts to the shock, and possibly enjoyment, of passersby.

Police officers were called the scene after several witnesses called 911 to report the naked shenanigans. According to the arrest report, Samantha J. Edwards spent a half an hour leaning over a balcony, exposing her genitals to anyone who happened along, the Daily Mail reports. In addition to parading around in her birthday suit, the alleged bath salts user also is also accused of ripping the covers off of several electrical boxes and stealing two fire extinguishers from the maintenance building.

The supposed drug-induced streaking was not the first time Edwards has been in trouble with the law, according to the Springfield News-Leader. Her past arrests include credit card fraud. She has been charged with second degree sexual misconduct and second degree property damage misdemeanors. A felony charge for fraudulent use of a debit or credit device is still pending. After the arrest for synthetic drug use, Edwards was placed in a Greene County Jail jumpsuit.

Running around naked while under the influence of bath salts is apparently not uncommon. Earlier this summer a Miami man exposed himself to a preschool age girl while high on the synthetic substance. Pamela McCarthy, of New York, also stripped off all her clothes and then punched her young child while cranked up on the man-made drug. Police officers had to use a Taser gun to control McCarthy, who later died of cardiac arrest.

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10 Responses to “Missouri Woman Allegedly High On Bath Salts Runs Naked Through A Park”

  1. Diego Rosenberg

    It may have been her own fault, but how can you say the taser had nothing to do with it? We don't know whether the taser induced some thing with her heart.

  2. Elyssia McCormick

    i watched and Intervention on A&E last night and one of the kids profiled was on bath salts. he snorted it. it was fucking scary, the hallucinations he was having that, i guess quickly spilled over into when he was sober too. after they got him clean he was diagnosed w/ psychoaffective disorder which was prob caused by the bath salts. scary shit

  3. Ed Markosek

    My only concern is that this out of control naked lady displaced her lady parts instead of displaying them. I've never had lady parts, but will bet that displacing them must be very painful! BTW, I like out of control naked ladies who keep their lady parts where they belong!

  4. Hollis Howard

    @Gail Moore, why are you considering trying some Gail?? Bath salts (which contain 2-3 uncommon amphetamines) are just an attempt to duplicate the high methamphetamine users have known all along.
    Try a few hits of meth out of a globe pipe and you'll be taking your clothes off too Gail.
    I was hooked on meth about 10 years ago but I managed to kick the habit, you can get seriously addicted to drugs like these Gail so be carelful. My name is Hollis im from Sunnyvale are you single?

  5. Gail Moore

    E, thanks – I'd never heard of it and it sounds very scary.Permanent brain damage – why would we (or anyone) seek THAT out? Is there exhilaration? I'm amazed not to have heard of this before. Anyway, thanks for the explanations, everyone.

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