Pelosi defends the DNC platform change

Nancy Pelosi Calls DNC Platform Dispute ‘Unimportant,’ Criticizes Harry Reid

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi commented on the Democratic National Convention’s platform adjustments, which included language regarding “God” and “Jerusalem” as the true capital of Israel. She called the change debate “mild,” and said that usually, platforms and platform changes create much more controversy than the alteration this year did.

In an interview with CNN‘s Anderson Cooper, Pelosi discussed the “contentious voice vote” to amend the platform of the DNC. “It’s been corrected, we move on from there. Platforms are usually even much more controversial than that,” she said. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who is the DNC chairman, called for the vote three times before he announced that the platform had been amended by a two-thirds majority, causing some speculation of controversy.

Pelosi also defended her claim that Republicans intend to dissolve the Medicare guarantee. Fact checkers have criticized Democrats for using tricky and misleading language with regard to the issue, particularly pointing out the left’s use of the word “voucher” to mean something that doesn’t apply to the issue. “A voucher is not a guarantee…the fact is that Medicare is a guarantee,” Pelosi said.

In a separate interview, Pelosi also had some playful criticism for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Pelosi told Mike Allen during the Politico Playbook breakfast at the DNC today that she didn’t put President Obama on mute during a phone call (answering a report from Bob Woodward that she did just that). She then joked that Harry Reid probably tuned out the president. “Harry Reid is probably — when he’s finished, it’s over. He stops listening long before you stop talking,” she laughed.

Here are videos of Nancy Pelosi’s political interviews today: