Richard Dawkins continues his defense of evolution

Richard Dawkins: ‘Religion Has Nothing To Teach Us’

Prominent atheist Richard Dawkins is a noted writer and thinker, but his household-name status arguably stems most from his unapologetic and often harsh opinions regarding religion, intelligent design theory (specifically, creationism), and the existence of God.

Richard Dawkins is probably best known for his internationally successful book The God Delusion, in which he argues that evolution unquestionably happened, that there is no “intelligent design,” and there is no higher power. Whether you agree with his conclusions or not, his perspective has gone viral in recent years, and he can even be credited as the progenitor of the internet term “meme,” though the term’s internet definition is arguably out-of-context with his own philosophical definition.

In a recent interview with CNN, Dawkins continued his apologetic defense for evolution and the non-existence of God.

“There’s only one game in town as far as serious science is concerned. It’s not that there are two different theories,” Dawkins says. “There is no serious scientist who doubts that evolution is a fact.”

When asked why people still cling to religion and theories of intelligent design, Dawkins responded:

“There are many very educated people who are religious but they’re not creationists,” he admits. “What you cannot really logically do is to say, well I believe that there’s some kind of intelligence, some kind of divine physicist who designed the laws of physics, therefore Jesus is my lord and savior who died for my sins. That’s an impermissible illogicality that unfortunately many people resort to.”

So where do we get our morals from?

“We get our morals from a very complicated process of discussion, of law-making, writing, moral philosophy,” Dawkins argues, “we are getting better as time goes on, and religion perhaps has a part to play in that, but it’s by no means an important part. I don’t think there’s a simple source of morality to which we turn.”

Dawkins also does a lot of speaking in America’s “Bible Belt.” He explained that he enjoys speaking in this area because there’s more support for his perspectives than people may think.

“I think it may be a bit of a myth that America is quite such a religious country as it’s portrayed as, and particularly that the Bible Belt isn’t quite so insanely religious as it’s portrayed as.”

Richard Dawkins will begin another US tour in October. What do you think of Richard Dawkins?