bad kotex tampons

Stolen Tampons Sold, Kimberly-Clark Warns They Are Contaminated With Metal

Contaminated tampons are at the center of a warning issued by Kimberly-Clark, the manufacturer, after the company says they were stolen and sold.

The tampon advisory was issued on Tuesday, and the company is working in concert with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure the safety of consumers after it was discovered the stolen tampons made it to market.

According to the company, the contaminated tampons may contain metals and other unsafe materials and carry a higher risk of bacterial contamination. Kimberly-Clark says that the following varieties and lot numbers of tampons are affected and may have been sold from October of 2011 through June of 2012:

  • Kotex Natural Balance* Regular Absorbency Security® Tampons
  • Carton count 18: AC209621X; AC209622X
  • Carton count 36: AC209625X
  • Kotex Natural Balance* Super Absorbency Security® Tampons
  • Carton count 36: AC127423X; AC209623X; AC209624X
  • Kotex Natural Balance* Super Plus Absorbency Security® Tampons
  • Carton count 18: AC127322X; AC127422X; AC213822X; AC213922X; AC214022X; AC214322X
  • Carton count 36: AC127424X; AC206824X; AC207824X

In a warning issued about the contaminated tampons, the company offers advice to consumers who may have used the affected product:

“As always, K-C recommends that any consumer experiencing health concerns regarding the use of tampons should immediately cease using the product and contact their physician. Consumers should contact K-C at 877-485-6839 for instructions on where to send the impacted products in return for a full refund. K-C service representatives will be available seven days a week from 7 am to 7 pm Central Time. Consumers can also get information by visiting or”

Use of tampons like the affected Kotex varieties could lead to a higher risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome, a serious and sometimes fatal illness associated with improper tampon use.