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Andy Roddick Retires After US Open Loss

It’s all over for Andy Roddick.

Roddick announced last week that he would be retiring after the US Open. Rodick made it to the fourth round of the Grand Slam tournament but lost to Juan Martin del Potro 6-7 (1), 7-6 (4), 6-2, 6-4.

Before the U.S. Open started, Roddick said:

“I just feel like it’s time. I don’t know that I’m healthy enough or committed enough to go another year. I’ve always wanted to, in a perfect world, finish at this event…. I think I wanted an opportunity to say goodbye to people, as well. I don’t know how tomorrow’s going to go, and I hope it goes well, and I’m sticking around.”

Bleacher Reports notes that Roddick was the last American male tennis player to win a Grand Slam singles title when he won the US Open in 2003. Roddick, 30, ends his career with 612-213 career record. He won 32 singles titles and four doubles titles. He is currently ranked as the 22nd best tennis player in the world.

After his loss today at the US Open, Roddick said:

“I’ve loved every minute of it – for the first time in my career I’m not sure what to say… I appreciate your support along the way. I know I certainly haven’t made it easy for you at times. The one thing I’m not scared of about retirement are the people that I go home to.”

After the match, several tennis players and athletes took to Twitter to wish Roddick luck on his post-tennis life.