How The Rich Think: Author Of Book On Millionaires Reveals Disdain For Working Class

How The Rich Think: Author Of Book On Millionaires Reveals Disdain For Working Class

How the rich think is a lot more competitive — and often more disdainful of the common man — than the average person, an author found after studying millionaires across the globe.

For his book How Rich People Think, author Steve Siebold spent countless hours talking to millionaires trying to find out what set them apart. It wasn’t the money that made them different, Siebold told Business Insider, but instead their mindset.

“[The middle class] tells people to be happy with what they have,” he said. “And on the whole, most people are steeped in fear when it comes to money.”

“The average person has been brainwashed to believe rich people are lucky or dishonest,” Siebold wrote.

Lucky or dishonest, no. But arrogant? Maybe.

In studying how the rich think, Siebold found that they many find selfishness a virtue rather than a vice and often look out only for themselves.

“The rich go out there and try to make themselves happy. They don’t try to pretend to save the world,” Siebold told Business Insider.

For the middle class this is seen as a negative quality, but it is also a mindset that keeps them in poverty, he writes.

The me-first sentiment Siebold found pervasive in how the rich think was on display recently from the world’s richest woman, Gina Rinehart. She recently told those who are jealous of the wealthy to start working harder and spend less time drinking, smoking, and socializing, The Australian reported.

Siebold found other insights in studying how the rich think. He found that instead of praying for prosperity or playing the proverbial lottery, the had an “action mentality” to find and solve problems. The rich also believed that acquiring specific knowledge is much more useful than a formal education.