One Direction's backup band is having a baby in 2017

One Direction Backup Band, Tribute Bands Headline Festival, Release New Music

One Direction might be on vacation, but their tribute bands and official backup band have been taking over 1D’s headlines in their absence.

For example, One Direction’s backup band guitarist, Sandy Beales, recently had a second marriage ceremony that included Niall Horan.

In fact, after the press forgot all about the wedding, Sandy Beales posted a picture of himself on Instagram playing music after the ceremony with members of the One Direction backup band such as Josh Devine, and called them “some of my best friends.”

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg because One Direction backup band drummer, Josh Devine, is finally releasing the new 1D-related music that fans are desperately seeking.

According to a June 13 report from Sugarscape, Josh Devine will be releasing a solo track with Ollie Green called “Never Fade” that is based on the death of one of Josh’s friends.

One Direction's backup band is the first to release new music during hiatus
One Direction’s backup band drummer, Josh Devine, is releasing a solo single. [Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP]
As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there are a number of other crucial members of the One Direction team besides Sandy Beales and Josh Devine, including guitarist Dan Richards and keyboardist Jon Shone.

According to his Instagram, Dan Richards took time off to explore Washington State, and is now working in Los Angeles as a session guitarist at Capitol Records and other studios.

Jon Shone also appears to be on vacation from music and has instead been promoting a music industry learning project he is invested in called Echo Factory, according to his Twitter account.

@carolinewatson_ ❤️❤️ loving #thedenny

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Menswear stylist to One Direction, Caroline Watson, does not appear to have a current client she is promoting. Instead, Caroline Watson has been posting heavily over the past few months about her #TheDenny bag campaign.

Finally, some members of the 1D team have been introducing new members to their family while on vacation. In particular, the main security person associated with One Direction is Paul Higgins, and he posted an adorable picture of his newborn on his Twitter account.

Along with their backup band, One Direction has other imitators and 1D tribute bands that are filling in for them on vacation.

For example, the Daily Record reports on June 16 that the One Direction tribute band from the U.K. that goes by One and Only Direction will be headlining the Cambuslang Summerfest. About their presence with Little Mix cover band, Little Fix, the festival organizer stated the following.

“I’m delighted to have one of the biggest tribute bands in the U.K. taking to the stage. The One and Only Direction boys are currently playing to packed concert venues all over the U.K., and we were very lucky to be able to secure them.”

On the other hand, some bands want you to know that they are not a version of One Direction or a 1D tribute band. For example, 7 Days reports there is a band that sings in Arabic that has been called the “Middle East’s answer to One Direction” but The5 dispute this.

One Direction's backup band has been doing shows with other bands and recording music
One Direction’s backup band has been performing, making new music, or working on new projects during their time off. [Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP]
Although they are finalists of the 2015 X-Factor Arabia, The5 says they are not like One Direction because “We’re all from different countries, we work in Arabic and English – we have a rapper … You could say our music is international pop music but the melodies and lyrics are Arabic.”

Interestingly, The5 do share something in common with One Direction — and that is always being rushed by fans that want pictures if they are seen in public places like shopping malls.

Sadly, for fans that want authentic One Direction music in their lives with or without the backup band, the bad news is that even Simon Cowell does not know when the vacation will officially end, according to Teen Vogue.

[Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP]