Is there a scene after the credits in 'Finding Dory'?

‘Finding Dory’ After-Credits Scene: Is There An Extra Scene Tucked At The Very End Of Disney’s Latest Movie?

Viewers who see Finding Dory this weekend are itching to find out if there is an after-credits scene to reward those Disney fans willing to sit through about five minutes of credits.

The end-credits scene, or stinger as it has become known, is growing in popularity as filmmakers offer a reward for the die-hard fans who stay until the end. Often these scenes offer a bit of information about an upcoming movie in a series or franchise, a strategy the Marvel movies use to perfection. Marvel even has its own formula, with one extra scene after a stylized credits sequence and another at the very end.

Viewers who stayed until the bitter end of Deadpool learned that the villain Cable will be featured in the movie’s sequel, for example.

Other times, the after-credits scene is used to wrap up an ongoing plot line or offer a bit of closure for certain characters.

Warning: There are potential Finding Dory spoilers ahead!

Is there an after-credits scene in Finding Dory? The answer is yes, but it may not be exactly what fans are hoping for. Early viewers noted that the movie does have a scene at the end of the credits, but not a very uplifting one.

Here is how one early viewer described the Finding Dory after-credits scene on Reddit’s Movies subreddit.

“It’s a little depressing. Movie is great though.”

That was the extent of the information available on the Finding Dory end-credits scene, at least before the movie’s Thursday night release. Critics have offered no other information about what the scene includes (though the Reddit user noted that it includes the crew from the dentist’s fish tank in Finding Nemo).

But viewers who wait to see the Finding Dory end-credits scene will have some amusement during the actual credits. The credits include a rendition of the Nat King Cole classic “Unforgettable” performed by Sia.

As Bustle noted, it makes for a fitting conclusion to the story.

“‘Unforgettable’ is the perfect choice to close out Pixar’s newest movie. If Finding Dory proves anything, it’s that the movie’s protagonist, Dory, is truly unforgettable, even though she’s quite forgetful herself. 13 years after the release of the original Finding Nemo, fans cannot wait to see Dory again in movie theaters, proving that they have definitely not forgotten about her. Interestingly, Dory herself, Ellen DeGeneres, was instrumental in getting such a fitting song to close out Finding Dory. The comedian and talk show host reportedly asked Sia to cover the song for the film, and even had Sia on The Ellen Show to debut the song in May. While on the show, Sia revealed that when DeGeneres approached her to record Dory’s new theme, it was an offer she couldn’t turn down. ‘Dory’s story makes me teary. When Ellen asked me, I couldn’t refuse,’ she said.”

There will likely be a giant audience who could be seeing the Finding Dory after-credits scene. Early projections indicate that the movie is headed for an opening weekend box office gross of $120 million, which the Hollywood Reporter noted would be a record for Pixar and put it within reach of the all-time opening weekend gross for an animated film, held by Shrek the Third with $121.6 million.

If the totals hold up after the first week and into the summer season, it could end up beating Toy Story 3 for the highest-grossing Pixar movie of all time.

But with still scant information available ahead of the movie’s premiere, viewers who want to learn more about what the Finding Dory after-credits scene entails will just have to wait and find out for themselves.

[Image via Instagram/Pixar]