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Twitter Crehgdu123 Threat: ‘There Will Be A Massive Shooting At The Pride Parade In Houston, Texas’

The Twitter account crehgdu123 is under fire for a tweet that caught the attention of authorities, which could be viewed as a threat to the Houston Pride Parade participants and attendees in Houston, Texas.

“There will be a massive shooting at the pride parade in Houston, Texas,” the Twitter user posted.

As seen in the below photo, the tweet was published on June 13 at 1:34 a.m.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the Houston Police Department is looking into the claims that a massive shooting will take place at the Pride Parade. The parade itself is scheduled to take place in downtown Houston on June 25, as of this writing.

The Houston LGBT Pride Celebration is scheduled to last from June 22 to June 25. The actual Houston Pride Week is scheduled to last from June 19 to June 26.

However, the tweet posted from the Twitter account crehgdu123, which is still active as of this writing and might have been taken over by someone else has caused pause with threats of a massive shooting in Houston.

John Cannon is a spokesperson for the Houston Police Department, a man who informed the public that they know about the tweet from crehgdu123 on Twitter and that they are investigating the matter. As such, authorities are turning to the public to try and find out the person behind the Twitter account that seemed to make threats of a massive shooting — even if the person is now tweeting that it was simply a prediction about the Houston shooting.

According to Cannon, police are investigating who wrote the threatening words.

“We’re trying to figure out who it is. We’re looking into it just like we’d look into any other threat made to someone’s life.”

As seen in the below tweet from Pride Houston, Inc., they are also aware of the threats to the Houston Pride Parade. The Twitter account thanked everyone for telling them about the threats of a massive shooting and wrote that they had informed the Houston Police and the Department of Homeland Security.

On the same day that the tweet was published, police told the press that they would step up the presence of their officers at the 2016 Pride Parade. In light of the massive shooting at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub, the threats to the Houston Pride Parade and any Pride festivities are being taken very seriously. As such, authorities are asking anyone who knows who owns the crehgdu123 Twitter account to share that information with the police.

“Anyone with information about the owner of the account and any possible threats to the upcoming event is encouraged to call 911 or HPD at 714-884-3131.”

Meanwhile, the crehgdu123 Twitter account has been issuing a series of apologetic tweets in the wake of the scandal.

On the Twitter account named crehgdu123, a series of tweets have appeared on Thursday, June 16, with claims that the person didn’t intend to scare everyone. They wrote that they just wanted to send the tweet and see if the massive shooting in Houston actually happened.

“Hello. I made a tweet a couple days ago about there being a shooting at the pride parade in Houston, Texas. That is 100% prediction based. I made a really bad, unforgivable mistake. But there’s nothing to worry about. I’m not a terrorist and I don’t have any plans.

“I now know that was a horrible idea. I’m so sorry for terrifying everyone. I know what I did was mostly unforgivable but I’m sorry. Please go to the pride parade and enjoy yourselves. The only reason why I tweeted it was to wait and see if it actually happened. Please don’t be scared because of my dumb actions. I wasn’t thinking. I 100% support the LGBTQ+ community.”

[Photo by Elaine Thompson/AP Images]