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Sonja Morgan Iced Out Of ‘RHONY’ Group: Is Bethenny Frankel The Bully?

Sonja Morgan’s past actions and behavior on The Real Housewives of New York has resulted in her co-stars being very careful about what they invite her to. It’s no secret that Morgan may have used drinking and partying to deal with the stress she felt after getting out of her chapter 11 bankruptcy, but she claims she is in full control of her life. Morgan may have been partying and drinking in New York when the cameras were not around, but she appears to be taking things slowly on this season of The Real Housewives of New York. And yet, her co-stars are not thrilled with inviting her to things, including an overnight getaway in the Berkshires.

According to a new tweet, Sonja Morgan is now revealing that she feels she’s being iced out by her Real Housewives of New York co-stars. And viewers are not happy about Bethenny calling the shots about who gets to go on this cast trip, even though she’s putting it together for the sake of her business — and some tequila tasting.

“I don’t like when Andy starts to let the head diva ( Bethenny) ice out Sonja Morgan. Everyone needs to be included period! #RHONY,” one person wrote in defense of Morgan, who replied with, “Yes everyone. All cast. I film w everyone.”

Relaxing lunch w Lorbs and the boys

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Of course, Sonja isn’t one to ice out anyone. Morgan has always tried to include everyone in her parties, even if she suspected that there would be some kind of confrontation between her Real Housewives of New York co-stars.

“I do remember when you didn’t support Ramona when Heather didn’t invite her. I adore you, but, name was treason,” one person wrote to Sonja Morgan, who defended her decision, writing, “wasn’t all cast. Different behind the scenes.”

What she’s trying to say is that she doesn’t appreciate being the only person who isn’t invited to things. During the Berkshires trip, all of the wives were invited except for Sonja. And if Luann ends up going on the Mexico trip, Sonja will be the last one standing – again. She just wants to be included and it sounds like de Lesseps is a bit more aggressive, as she may have invited herself on the trip to Mexico. And while Morgan was feeling left out, Bethenny decided to tweet about Sonja’s company — in a less than flattering way.

“I’m trademarking #fattipsybitches Drinking that leads to anal sex w strangers,” Bethenny Frankel wrote on Twitter last night, as Morgan was discussing her brand in comparison to Frankel’s business on The Real Housewives to New York, which sparked several reactions, including, “Vile! People u kicked on the way up will kick u twice as hard on the way down. High ratings don’t justify u actually being an anus.”

Morgan has revealed that she doesn’t really appreciate her co-stars showing concern for her, especially since they all want her to drop her business deal for Tipsy Girl to save her friendship with Bethenny. Sonja is convinced that she just needs to talk to the Skinnygirl business owner.

“Now you know it was all disingenuine, the ‘concern’ for me, or they would have had me near. Dorinda saying she wanted a weekend bringing out the best in each other is so fake again. She knows us by now, and she loves being in the center of the drama,” Sonja Morgan explains in her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of New York, adding, “Why are they saying let’s save Carole? From me? Why didn’t they say Bethenny left because of the drama with Lu?! That she was wiped out from that and didn’t want to go at it again. Once again they are claiming concern and protection.”

Do you think Sonja Morgan is being iced out of the Real Housewives of New York group? Do you think Frankel is behind it?

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