Kate MIddleton is reportedly pregnant again

Kate Middleton Pregnant? Report Claims Duchess Kate Already Showing Signs That Baby No. 3 Is On The Way

Kate Middleton is reportedly pregnant again, with reports that she is preparing for Baby No. 3 and already showing some public signs of her pregnancy.

Duchess Kate is busy raising two children under the age of three, but Middleton has still been surrounded by reports that she is planning to expand the family again. One report in the last few weeks claimed that she is expecting twins, and OK! magazine noted that Kate has been fueling speculation by covering up what could be her baby bump during public appearances.

The outlet noted that Kate Middleton has been careful not to show her midsection and what could be evidence of her third pregnancy.

“Naturally, the 34-year-old kept the pregnancy speculation alive by covering her stomach with her arms, as she always does.”

Sources close to the royal family have said that Kate Middleton always dreamed of having three children, but those plans may have changed after she suffered through two very difficult pregnancies. Duchess Kate was diagnosed with severe morning sickness, a sometimes dangerous condition that includes near-constant nausea and a high risk for complications.

She even had to be hospitalized during her first pregnancy for dehydration and was put on bed rest for much of her second pregnancy.

But even after the two terrible pregnancies, some family members said that Kate Middleton still wanted more children. Kate’s uncle, Gary Goldsmith, even told Hello!, “I don’t think [William and Kate will] stop at two.”

And other family members could be putting some pressure on Duchess Kate to have another baby. The Hollywood Gossip reported that her mother, Carole Middleton, has been itching for Kate and William to have another baby.

“That’s right, Kate’s mom – not any member of Prince William’s royal family – is the one urging the Duchess of Cambridge to keep crankin’ ’em out.

“Her first two pregnancies captivated the world, stimulated the British economy hard and generally made Kate and all things close to her look swell.”

If Kate Middleton is pregnant again, she may have avoided the ill-effects of the condition. She and Prince William have made a number of public appearances in recent weeks, and Duchess Kate hasn’t shown any signs of her previous illnesses.

But it can be difficult to separate fact from rumor when it comes to Kate Middleton. Since she and Prince William first got married, they have been inundated with rumors that Kate is pregnant. While these rumors were correct on two different occasions, that was bound to happen given that there’s a new report of Duchess Kate being pregnant coming out every week or so.

In fact, there are even some recent reports suggesting exactly the opposite — that Kate and William are struggling in their relationship and seeking some outside help. A report late last month from In Touch magazine claimed that Duchess Kate and Prince William were headed to couples therapy to address their constant fighting and difficulty dealing with the intense media scrutiny that comes with being the royal couple.

“Their issues are on an even bigger scale, and they’re constantly arguing at the moment about the pressure Kate is under, William’s attitude about it and how to raise their kids,” the source said (via Celeb Dirty Laundry). “They’re going through a very rocky patch.”

If Kate Middleton is really pregnant again, then she and the rest of the royal family are doing a good job keeping it under wraps. There have been no leaks from within their inner circle, and most of the reports so far have speculated based on Kate covering her stomach or pictures that could show a small baby bump, as opposed to any solid reports.

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