Lana Del Rey tweets about her friend and psychic Medium Fleur

Lana Del Rey’s Friend, Psychic Medium Fleur, ‘Translates’ For The Dead

Lana Del Rey keeps a low profile on social media with the exception of updating her fans on new music or shows. However, around June 9, Lana Del Rey took time to highlight a psychic friend of hers that works as a professional medium that talks to the dead.

What is interesting is that there is so much going on in Lana Del Rey’s life, but she is choosing to place a focus on her psychic friend. For example, Lana Del Rey’s Twitter recently got hacked around June 7, according to Billboard. Lana Del Rey also recently added more dates to her live events page on her website.

Going by the name of Medium Fleur, this psychic is a friend of Lana Del Rey’s and other celebrities. For example, on Medium Fleur’s Facebook page, she notes events where she invites an audience. At these events, celebrities like actress Emma Stone have been her audience members in the past.

Go see my amazing friend and truly talented medium, Fleur.

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On Lana Del Rey’s Instagram account, she mentions Medium Fleur’s June 10 event in Los Angeles, and the psychic frequently holds smaller readings in the area because she lives in Orange County.

In addition to Medium Fleur, Lana Del Rey does work with other celebrities but does not usually use her social media to promote them. For example, James Franco and Lana Del Rey have posted pictures of each other in the past having fun and have a long history of being friends on social media.

On the other hand, Lana Del Rey recently attended Lady Gaga’s birthday party in Los Angeles, according to E! Online, but does not regularly post about her on social media.

This means that Medium Fleur and Lana Del Rey might be particularly close in real life, and Lana may be vouching for her because the singer has had experiences with other psychics in the past.

Lana Del Rey has been talking about psychics, mediums and metaphysics for years
Lana Del Rey has been a fan of psychics, mediums, metaphysics and clairvoyants for many years. (Photo by: KGC-146/STAR MAX/IPx 2015)

Of course, it is no surprise to Lana Del Rey fans that she might have a friend that is a psychic and medium. For example, Lana Del Rey studied metaphysics when she studied at Fordham College.

Bustle quotes Lana Del Rey in 2015 talking about her belief in psychics like Medium Fleur and states the following.

“[Lana] Del Rey definitely believes in signs, saying that she once went to a clairvoyant who asked her to write down four things she was thinking about on a card and she managed to address all four things.”

In another example, Independent writes on August 1, 2014, that Lana Del Rey was visiting a male clairvoyant and described herself as being raised Catholic but being a “seeker.”

For Lana Del Rey fans looking for more information about Medium Fleur, she has a large online presence with lots of videos that demonstrate her abilities. Moreover, CBS Los Angeles listed Medium Fleur. aka Nora Stone, as one of the top psychics in the area.

However, Lana Del Rey was likely drawn to Medium Fleur because she has a lot of mystery about her.

For example, The Levity Ball attended one of Medium Fleur’s live shows, and they mentioned she was a pre-medical student at UCLA when she started doing psychic readings after having experiences with talking to spirits as a child.

Lana Del Rey promotes psychic and friend Medium Fleur although she is quiet on social media.
Lana Del Rey keeps a low profile on social media, but took time to promote her psychic friend, Medium Fleur. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

After leaving medical school to become a psychic instead of a doctor, Medium Fleur found that the best explanation of her abilities was “to connect people to their loved ones on the other side” and sees herself as “simply a translator” as well as commonly stating the following.

“As a translator I don’t have all the answers, I just pass on what I receive.”

Although Lana Del Rey has not spoken about Medium Fleur online outside of her Instagram post, Medium Fleur has a lot to say about celebrities like Lana Del Rey. For example, Medium Fleur stated the following about working with stars as a psychic, and the statement makes it easy to understand why Lana Del Rey may have regarded her as a friend.

“It is a huge honor when anyone trusts you and looks to you for help. It’s a responsibility that I do not take lightly — celebrity or not. Doing this work I’ve learned that celebrities are just like you and I. We all love, we all experience loss, and we are all trying to be the best we can be.”

Another reason that Lana Del Rey might be friends with a psychic like Medium Fleur is because she does not take herself too seriously. For example, Medium Fleur recently participated in the Hollywood-based Metaphysical Improv comedy show as a special guest.

To find out more about Medium Fleur’s private readings, workshops or upcoming audience participation dates, consult their events page.

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