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Donald Glover Joins The Cast Of ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ In Unknown Role – See What He Would Look Like As Miles Morales

In Captain America: Civil War, Tom Holland made his debut as Spider-Man and stole the show every time he was on the screen. Now, he’s heading toward his solo film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) which is called Spider-Man: Homecoming, and it is getting bigger by the day. Donald Glover has now joined the cast of the film and as soon as the announcement was made, speculation of him becoming Miles Morales started running wild.

The Hollywood Reporter is stating that Glover is in talks to join Spider-Man: Homecoming, but a deal is much closer than anyone realizes. His role has not yet been revealed and no one is quite sure who he will be playing, but the fans have a really good idea.

In the film, Tom Holland will once again star as Spider-Man but also a young Peter Parker who is learning about who he really is and trying to make it through high school. Production is set to begin later in June, but by that time, Glover’s role may still not be known.

Still, could he possibly Miles Morales?

donald glover spider-man homecoming miles morales marvel comics
[Image via Marvel]
For those who aren’t aware of who Miles Morales is or are confused as to why he’s in the Spider-Man suit, you may want to prepare for some comic book spoilers ahead.

In Ultimate Fallout #4 from August of 2011, Miles first appeared following the death of Peter Parker and ended up becoming Spider-Man in Ultimate Marvel. He is the featured Spider-Man in the comics, but now in the animated TV series, but he does end up appearing as a part the main cast a few years after its premiere.

Another little interesting tidbit of information is that Miles Morales/Spider-Man in the animated series was voiced by none other than Donald Glover.

That has really added fuel to the fire that fans could see the ultimate universe really become a part of the MCU with Glover joining the Spider-Man: Homecoming cast. Screen Rant has decided to take it to the next level of rumor by putting together some concept art to really drive everyone wild.

Now, that is only concept art, but it has to get Marvel thinking about it if they haven’t already done so. For years, Glover tried to get Marvel to allow him to play the lead hero in their The Amazing Spider-Man reboot franchise from Sony Pictures, but that didn’t end up happening. Andrew Garfield ended up getting the gig for two films.

Glover ended up voicing the animated version of Morales who is a half-Latino, half-black superhero in Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors. That did make him happy, but fans loved his passion for taking on the role and wanted more from him so they’ve backed him every step of the way.

donald glover spider-man homecoming miles morales
[Photo via Disney XD via Getty Images]
One can’t help but be intrigued by the casting of Donald Glover to a Spider-Man film after the years he’s spent trying to get into the costume. While there is only one solo Spidey flick set for the near future from Marvel and Sony’s collaboration, it’s quite possible that this could lead to a number of others.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is scheduled for release next summer, and the cast is already simply spectacular. Marisa Tomei is returning as Aunt May while Tony Revolori, Laura Harrier, and Zendaya have all joined the cast. Robert Downey Jr. will appear as Tony Stark/Iron Man while Michael Keaton is in talks to possibly play the Vulture. Donald Glover’s role is not yet known, but if it is indeed Miles Morales, then expect the fans to lose their collective minds.

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