General Hospital star Nancy Lee Grahn dishes.

‘General Hospital’ Star Nancy Lee Grahn Dishes Her Feelings On Julexis, ‘We’re Going Places I Never Would Have Imagined’ [Spoilers]

It has been an interesting few weeks on General Hospital with the potential breakup of Alexis and Julian, also known as Julexis, and it certainly has fans in an uproar. They want to know what is going on with their favorite couple. Actually, actress Nancy Lee Grahn wants to know what is going on as well.

Grahn took some time to talk with Michael Logan of TV Insider to try to explain what is happening in the world of the newly married fan-favorite couple. According to her, she is just as surprised as the rest of soap land that this is all happening to Alexis and Julian Jerome. However, the General Hospital star seems to be thrilled that her character is finally getting a meaty story line.

Of course, that has a lot to do with how the stories are written. She compares the difference between men and women writers deciding what to do with Alexis and her previous boring life.

“Look, when men were writing GH, Alexis was in a safe, generic, boring place. Now that Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante are our head writers, I’ve been forced to get off my ass and sweat and cry. It feels like the most fantastic workout at the gym, and at the end of every workday I’m going, ‘Damn, I feel like a real actor!'”

It sounds like Nancy is quite happy to take such a risk as to mess up her marriage to Julian early on. She mentioned that fans are going to be taken on a wild ride in the next few weeks. Nancy has been given a chance to show off her acting chops and she is nailing it. Why wouldn’t she be happy to take this emotional journey on General Hospital?

Julian and Alexis went from being deliriously in love to Alexis hating his guts for killing Carlos Rivera in cold blood and making her cover it up for him. Alexis wants a divorce right away, but he insists that she still loves him and won’t give her one. How’s that for one big dilemma for a lawyer who loves to play by the rules?

The General Hospital writers made it seem that Julian Jerome walked away from the mob for good to be with the woman he loves. Even if it is always true that no one truly makes it out of the mob completely, anything can happen in a soap opera and this is what fans, and even Nancy Lee Grahn, had believed.

As bad as this all seems to be with this General Hospital story line, Grahn stays positive that all will be fine for Alexis, with or without Julian Jerome. Of course, fans are hoping that it will be with him still in her life and in her arms.

Of course, there will be so much more drama before this possibly happens. Celebrity Dirty Laundry has spilled that Alexis will be getting arrested instead of her husband for the murder of Carlos Rivera. Remember that she grabbed the murder weapon and flung it across the room, so her fingerprints may still be on it. Plus, Julian didn’t do a very good job of cleaning the dagger up as Nathan West said that there was some blood left on it. Once they find that it was the blood from Carlos, the PCPD will make an arrest.

It almost seems like a dream that Julian really would have gone back to the mob after he confessed his love to Alexis and married her. It seems out of character for him to put her and her daughters, not to mention his two sons, in danger like that. Is he really the cold-hearted murderer that he seems to be or do the writers at General Hospital just want us to believe that?

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Maybe the murder of Carlos was all staged. It may be far-fetched, but could Julian and Carlos have set up this whole thing to make it look like he killed him? This could explain the turnaround that Julian seems to have gone through. It would certainly make General Hospital fans happy to have Carlos back and to have Julian back with Alexis.

What do you think? Did Julian really kill Carlos or could there be something else to this story? You just never know what will happen next.

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